LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants
Genre LEGO comedy
Created by
  • Andrew Batchelor
  • Louis Finylason (s1-s9)
  • Keillor Fachiney (s10)
  • Ross Batchelor (b, s10)
Developed by PremierChannel Inc.
Written by Andrew Batchelor

Keillor Fachiney

Creativedirector(s) Andrew Batchelor

(Season 1-10)

Starring Andrew Batchelor

Keillor Fachiney

Country of origin Europe
No. of seasons 10
No. of episodes 75
Executiveproducer(s) Andrew Batchelor

Keillor Fachiney

Producer(s) None
Running time 15 minutes
Productioncompany(s) PremierChannel
Original channel YouTube
Precesed by Old Series (2008-2010)
Followed by TBA
Original run May 26, 2009 – February 13, 2011


The show is the new series is set in the Bikini Bottom when SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Fred fight new aliens and defeat the world from invasions.


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