Lake Dead 2 is a horror film starring Sarah Roemer, Bobby Campo, Katharine McPhee, Meagan Good, Logan Browning, Austin Butler, Danielle Panabaker, Amanda Righetti, Aaron Yoo, Arlen Escarpreta, Leighton Meester, Megan Park, Britt Robertson, Matt Lanter, Lucas Till, Robbie Amell, Crystal Lowe and Trevor Torseth


A group of friends go into the Lake Hotel and their is one family member left of the Lake Family.


Sarah Roemer as Heather

Bobby Campo as Josh

Katharine McPhee as Sam

Meagan Good as Naomi

Logan Browning as Rachel

Austin Butler as Marcus

Danielle Panabaker as Michelle

Amanda Righetti as Taylor

Aaron Yoo as Charles

Arlen Escarpreta as Kyle

Leighton Meester as Jamie

Megan Park as Ashley

Britt Robertson as Jenna

Matt Lanter as Daniel

Lucas Till as Michael

Robbie Amell as Chase

Crystal Lowe as Carly

Trevor Torseth as Kane


Daniel- Axed to head

Michael- Stabbed in back 4 times

Chase- Stabbed in chest while having sex with Carly

Carly- Stabbed in heart

Kyle- Axed thrown at chest

Jenna- Stabbed in head

Charles- Stabbed several times

Ashley- Stabbed several times

Michelle- Stabbed in chest several times

Jamie- Hanged on a tree

Taylor- Gutted while in the shower

Naomi- Choked to death

Rachel- Thrown into mirror and stabbed with a mirror shard

Kane- Stabbed several times and decapitated by Heather


Heather, Josh, Sam and Marcus

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