Lance in "Marsha"

Biographical information

June 29th, 1979


April 25th, 2025

Physical description




Hair color

Light Brown

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Criminal Investigation and Forensics Bureau


Senior Detective

Alternate mode
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Stealth Force Mode

Lance Carlson was a main character in the American crime drama series Law & Order: Miami. Lance is played by actor Alan Tudyk.


Born on June 29th, 1979, Lance was on the Honor Roll every year he was in school. He was considered the top of all his classes, and at his high-school graduation, he graduated with honors and was accepted almost immediately at Miami University, where he studied Law and Court Ethics. He later graduated and became a detective for the Criminal Investigation and Forensics Bureau.

Other than that, Lance's file strangely contains little to no information about him other than his appearance statistics.

Favored Weapon

  • SIG Sauer P226


Dante Vaughn - Lance and Dante are considered "best friends" by other members of the team. They became friends after a series of cases when they were partners. They usually address each other as "buddy" or "bro". Ashlee Boyd - Lance and Ashlee both consider each other as friends. However, it was revealed in the episode "Haunting" that Ashlee may have romantic feelings for Lance, but their relationship has remained strictly profressional.

Owen Juarez - Lance and Owen are both good acquaintance and often help each other out during stressful or tough situations.

April Haynes - Along with Dante, April considered Lance a "brother to her", since their friendship is very close.


In "The Garden of Good and Evil", Lance was killed in his home by a hitman to send a message to the CIFB. At the end of the episode, the CIFB mourns Lance at his funeral.


  • Lance was reportedly approached by the CIA with an offer to join the agency after he graduated from college, but he refused. (Demons)

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