Image N/A
Name Lanzyaronyd
First Appearance PA Series 1:Episode 3
Humans Killed 4
Returned to era

Ep.3 Yes

Ep.7 No, captured for study by the ARC Team

The Lanzaronyd is a creature from the Future which has evolved from carnivorous reptiles such as monitor lizards. They have slim build with four legs and spikes on the back. They have good eyes as well as a receptive tongue like that of snakes. Lanzaronyds are fiercely territorial animals and are usually solitary. Lanzaronyds evolved in the shadow of the future predators and wiped them out. Lanzaronyds, despite their physical strength are agile hunters. Unlike the future predators, they are not resistant to bullets, as one is injured by a soldiers gun in Episode 7. It lives in a dry future world, but close to the coast. When this world is visited in Series 2:Episode 2, a Lanzaronyd feeds on the corpse of a Future Predator.

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