Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Adventures is a action adventure television series created by Jan De Bont which premiered on October 11th 2001 and finished on October 11th 2007.

It follows on from Simon West's Lara Croft film and before it featuring Briana Evigan (in her first television role) as the titular sexy intelligent gun slinging archeologist Lara, Justin Long as Lara's technical whiz trailer inhabiting companion Bryce, Jude Law as her gentleman butler Hillary and Cloris Leachman appearing as Jacqueline Natla.

The show was distributed by Paramount.


  • Briana Evigan as Lara Croft/ Countess Of Abbington
  • Justin Long as Bryce
  • Jude Law as Hillary the Butler
  • Cloris Leachman as Jacqueline Natla
  • Dustin Hoffman as Lord Richard Croft/ Count Of Abbington (Flashbacks and Dream Sequences)
  • Eva Green as Lady Amelia Croft/ Countess Of Abbington (Flashbacks and Dream Sequences)
  • Daniel Day-Lewis as Martin Junlow/ Antagonist of episode: King Tut's Tomb and revered American Gangster
  • Casper Van-Dien as Simon Junlow/ Martin's younger gangster brother whom is violent, aggressive and only midly intelligent
  • Sebastian Stan as Jasper Marcroft/ Young British Lone Ranger who'se parents were killed by the Junlow family. He serves as Lara's love interest for the episode King Tut's Tomb
  • Armie Hammer as Nuevvoros Patricks/ Pilot of the publicity jet the Hispanolo whom is a British Lothario with Italian Parents and both a love interest and antagonist of Lara's in the episode: The Spanish Galleon
  • Chris Pine as Necan Lobart/ Patricks' younger step brother whom becomes the main love interest for Lara in the episode and her companion
  • Jessica Szohr as Anaya/ A Companion of Lara's whom first appears in the episode: The Urn. Her parents souls were cast into the god Zeus' palace urns one of which was filled with evil and one of which was filled with hope. The Urns were stolen from Olympus by Hermes who lost a bargain with a mortal named Philonius who apparently stashed them in the Peruvian Palace of Minghat.
  • Garrett Hedlund as Alex West/ Former mercenary of Hawkin's technologies owner Misty Hawkins and primary love interest for Lara as well as protagonist in the Pilot Episode.


Season OneEdit

  • Pilot: Lara gets fatally injured after apparently taking on the easy mission of traversing Hadrian's Tomb in Italy trying to garner Hadrian's Golden Brace. She just procurs it but heads up hospitlized back at the Croft Manor. She then asks of Bryce to make use of the tomb simulation room her father had built shortly after her death and create a robot of somekind which she can practice upon. Lara then that day receives a call from a old wizened man who deals in clocks and was formely a friend of her fathers. The man asks Lara to procur an artefact known as Tourmaline's Gemstone. The Gemstone has mystical qualities and is longed by an evil tyrannical woman Misty Hawkins. Misty Hawkins is the owner of a powerful Bristol Expedition Company named Hawkins Technologies. Lara travels then travels to Benin, Africa to meet the Shaman Milorres whom in legend was one of the two shams whom formely possessed Tourmaline's Gemstone. He is killed however as a quartet of Misty's men lead by the mysterious man Alex West. She however had learned from the Shaman that the Tourmaline Gemstone had been seperated into three parts one of which resides right here in Benin in the village of Atakora. Lara get's there before Alex and the rest of his mercernaries and uncovers the lost temple which holds one of the three pieces. She also encounters it's guardian the re-animated fossil of the former African Continent Dinosaur Spinosaurus. As the temple begins to collapse and become pitch black only Lara, Alex and handful of four of mercernaries make it out of the temple. Lara then escapes and makes it to Casablanca, Morocco. Alex reports back to boss Misty whom is enraged to hear about this british woman procuring a piece of the Gemstone before them. She then personally accompanies Alex and a handful of her mercernaries to Australia where the second shaman rumoured to have possessed the Tourmaline Gemstone is. A Battle takes out in the Simpson desert and the Shaman Abalos is abducted while trying to flee up into the mountain hills surrounding. Lara however procurs the second Gemstone piece which was on the Shaman's person. Lara then in order to make sure they do not take the life of the Shaman accompanies them to the rumoured location of the final piece. The final piece's location in rumour is that of the Moroccan Mountain Tower the only place in legend where the Gemstone can be re-forged. The group head there and the piece is completed after the third piece's guardian a Chimera is killed by Lara. Alex is however in critical condition along with Misty after hearing the Chimera's deadly screech. Misty with the last of movement energy puts the three gemstone pieces together in the hole in the wall and reforges them. She however now most completely deaf as a result of the Chimera is unable to hear a voice's warning saying that any wishes of greed will result in the punishment of eons. Misty does not hear this warning and wishes to possess all the power that the stone can bestow. As A result the stone surges powers into her which begins to burn her away from the inside Misty then begins to stutter backwards towards the edge of the cliff entrance of the mountain and then turns to diamond stone before falling and shattering storey's below. Lara then makes a wish of the stone for it to use all of it's power to heal Alex West. The stone then restores Alex and seals up as it's power has been used. Alex then attempts to betray Lara and steal the stone but she snatches it from him and takes off in a helicopter driven by butler Hillary and companion Bryce. Whilest in the helicopter Bryce informs Lara that he has made that the robot of which she desired and that it's name is SIMON. The episode ultimatley ends with a blonde hair mid 50's woman entering Hawkins' Technologies offices and becoming the new CEO. She after being asked by the Chairman of the Company what she would like re-name the company with she answers with: Natla Technologies revealing that the woman is indeed Jacqueline Natla.
  • Lara In The Army: The Second Episode takes place in the timeline following on from the Pilot Episode When Lara joins the army. It chronicles Lara's tribulations as a member of the British Army serving in the jungles of Borneo. She is not at first greatly respected by the male army members serving beside but in the end has them begging to give her something, antyhign for which she in the end asks that when the time comes for her to need assistance they'll have their phones and brains switched on. For the episode overees an evil military unit from Germany whom are secret Nazi's lead by a Scandanavian Immortal General named Uppart whom is the long lost brother of ancient Scandavian King Uppala. Uppart plans to acquire the British Soldiers and sacrifice them in the Castle Of Uppla over Uppala's Tomb so he may resurrect him and conquer the world. However Lara acquires the Borneo Snake Charm Artefact which can resurrect the dead too and consequently control. Uppart temporarily was searching in Borneo for the Snake Charm but believed it was destroyed as Lara threw a decoy snake charm over a waterfall. Uppart then planned to resort to Plan B which involved the sacrifice of twelve over Uppala's Tomb. It also revealed revered archeologists Sune Lindqvist, Neil Price and Magnus Alkarp were due to Uppart whom tried to sacrifice them along with nine other Scandavian Soldiers to ressurect his brother however one among the soldiers was indeed a coward and a betrayor resulting in their deaths not being powerful enough to bring back Uppala. However after Uppart temporarily brings Uppala to life at the end of the episode Lara and The Eleven Soldiers aren't completely dead just having their lives slowly sucked from them which allows Uppala to rise. Lara however is able to muster enough energy to use to the snake charm to control Uppala and ressurect the nine scandavian soldiers and the three archeologists who were former friends of her dad's. The ressurected sacrifices then attack Uppart's Scandavian Soldiers whilest Uppala turns on Uppart and strips him of his immortality making him suffer a rapid deteoriating gory fate.
  • King Tut's Tomb:
  • The Spanish Galleon
  • The Urn

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