Harry Potter. Hermione Granger becomes insane when she finds Ron and Lavendar kissing.

One, It Starts

Hermione Granger was happily skipping down the corridor. Ginny convinced Hermione to ask Ron out, as it was obvious she was in love with him.

She then heard something coming from behind. She turned around, and heard moaning.

"Oh Ron", came the voice of Lavendar Brown. Hermione had tears in her eyes. "Baby, i want to be with you", came Ron's voice.

Hermione ran away in tears.

The next day, she was distracted. She felt the urge to kill Ron and Lavendar, and secretly smirked when she saw Ron was nervous about the Quittich team.

Hermione went into the kitchens and asked Dobby for an butcher knife. She grabbed it and asked Lavendar to meet her at the grounds before dinner.

"What's up, Hermione", she asked in an cheerful voice. "Well, if memory finds me, are you dating Ron", she asked.

"Yeah, why", she asked curiously. "Nothing, bitch", she stabbed the knife into her stomache. Lavendar looked at her in surprise.

"No", she whispered. "You steal my red haired prince and you think i ain't going to kill you", Hermione snapped.

She pushed Lavendar into the lake. Lavendar tried to get up, but she struggled. Hermione walked into the lake, and kicked her face.

She quickly cleaned her boots from the water and blood and hurried up to the castle. Lavendar died from blood loss.

Two, You're Next

Luna Lovegood was odd. Very odd. But she was more odd than most people can imagine.

She witnessed Hermione Granger kill Lavendar Brown, and was shell shocked. She was waiting on Ginny and Katie, Ginny's friend.

She turned around when she heard footsteps, and saw Hermione.

"Did you see what i did, bitch", Hermione whispered. Luna let an nervous nod. "Come in the room of requirement at nine. If you don't, well, we will think little Luna killed that skank".

Ginny and Katie came out. "Hello Ginny", Hermione smiled. Ginny and Katie said their goodbyes, and the trio left.

That night, Luna sneaked out and went straight to the room of requirement. She saw Hermione grinning as if christmas came earlier.

"Now Luna. People think Lavendar is missing. Since you know where her body is, i need to kill, you understand".

Luna quickly ducked from Hermione's knife and ran to the doors. "ACIO LOVEGOOD SLUT", Hermione screamed.

Luna flew to her, and Hermione made an bed apear and shoved her down. She tied her up, clearly enjoying herself.

"Hermione, please, let me go, pl", she was cut off when Hermione stabbed the knife into her heart.

Three, The Body

Ron was worried, and nothing Harry would do couoMORE TO BE CONTINUED/

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