Last Clock is an epic/fantasy friends and assassin's creed crossover. 11 year old Chandler Bing has discover he is an assassin and is sent to Assassin school. He makes friends with Ross Geller and Rachel Green, But when they discover that an ancient clock was stolen by the deadly assassin who killed his parents, Chandler and his two friends try and foil the assassin's plans.


Imagine being an assassin.


Chandler Bing is eating dinner with his mom when an letter arrives. Nora Bing tells Chandler he is an assassin because his father was one. Chandler is told to get some items and go to an train.

Chandler gets the stuff and aboards the train. He and Ross Geller become friends quite fast. They arrive after 13 hours and they officialy start their first year.

Chandler and Ross meet Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani. They torment them which makes Rachel avoid them at all cost.

One day, Ross overhears the headmaster, Gunther, Tell the brittish maid Emily that someone has stolen the last clock, an ancient artifact which could turn someone imortal.

Ross tells Chandler, Who becomes obessed with the clock. On Halloween, An dragon is realesed onto the school and starts tormenting the students.

Rachel is locked in the girls bathroom and screams when the dragon smashes in. Ross jumps on top of it and trys to kill it but is thrown into the stall.

Chandler falls down when the dragen faces him. Rachel quickly jumps onto the dragen and slits its head off. The teachers and students are in shock, but Rachel makes friends with Chandler and Ross.

They tell her about the clock and Rachel looks it up. She says that the clock was stolen once, which made the victory war, Which over 5000 people were killed.

The rest of the year, They begin stalking Emily as they see her wandering around the school at five in the morning.

One day, Rachel and Ross sneak into Gunther's office and steal an key. They give it to Chandler who relises that the abandoned door is locked and this must be the key.

They sneak in and face another dragon. Rachel tricks it but her plans get foiled and the dragon attacks Ross. Rachel and Chandler fall into an trap door and Ross manages to escape with them.

The trio continue the hallway and relise that one of them must slit their wrists to continue. Rachel grabs an large butcher knife but Ross quickly snatches it off and cuts his wrist. He passes out and Rachel screams.

Chandler grabs onto her and rushes her in. They finaly get to an stage where they relise they must drink an coca cola, which could kill them. Rachel downs it and passes out, But she is only passed out.

Chandler runs in and sees Emily. She reveals she is possessed by Mike Hannigan, who killed Chandler's real parents. Chandler and Emily battle and Chandler pushes her into the fire.

Chandler is seen walking through the halls covered in blood. He walks pass Rachel and Ross and looks at them. He passes out when he sees Ross and the next day, They are found by Gunther.

The trio are seen walking out of school and onto the train. Chandler says he misses school already. Meanwhile, In Rachel's bedroom, Emily is seen hovering the floor and then looking up and smileing evily.


  • Fight The Spider Hundreads of spiders are seen through the school. However, Little does everyone know is that they are one of the last of Mike's army. Read on as Rachel is in an coma due to an bite and Ross's younger sister Monica is abducted by an snake. Can Chandler and Ross find out what is going on, Befour they are killed.
  • The Travel When an servant of Mike is undercover, He trys to kill Chandler. When Chandler is put in 24/7 care, Rachel and Ross find an clock which makes them travel in time so they can discover who is trying to kill Chandler.
  • Fire Is Reincarnation Chandler faces Mike as he goes through reincarnation, while Rachel, Ross and Monica are put to the test when they relise that they must go through losing everything to make sure evil doesn't come to Assassin School.
  • War Begins Chandler, Rachel and Ross are forced to sacrafice everything and fight Mike and his evil forces.
  • Death Gets Better Chandler is framed for murder and is forced to go to Death Prison in an week, but escapes with Rachel, But Ross is captured. Can they survive all evil to save their friend.
  • War Part 1 Chandler, Ross and Rachel battle all evil and go on the run

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