Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny travel back in time to save their loved ones.

Not Everything Works The Way You Want It

Harry and Ginny continued to run, not daring to look back. Harry could still smell the blood of his dead friend, Ronald Weasley.

Harry and Ginny had been tricked. Nevile Longbottom told them that Ron, Hermione and their baby were captured.

Harry and Ginny found them, and instead Nevile tried to kill them. Nevile killed Hermione and Rose, which was their baby.

Ron exploded and his blood and body parts smeared all over them. Harry and Ginny continued to run. There was no turning back.

"We need to see if we can get out of here", Ginny whispered. "Look, an time turner", Harry said. "It won't be the same Harry. We might end up getting them killed another way", Ginny whispered.

"No, look. This one can make us travel back to when we were eleven and ten. This means we can rewrite history", he said.

"Are you serious", Ginny asked. Harry nodded. "Come on", Harry and Ginny locked hands as they disapeared, before Nevile and the death eaters came bursting in.

Harry and Ginny awoke, and saw an tall blonde woman, who was staring at them. "Harry James Potter, and Ginevra Molly Weasley, is that correct", she asked. Harry and Ginny nodded.

"Lisiten, i know you want to travel back in time before you started Hogwarts, but i have an better idea", she said.

She pointed at an pensive and told Harry and Ginny to see their memorys. They did, and were surprised to see what they saw

The Dursleys and an seven year old Harry was them at an museam. To Ginny's shock, she saw herself and Arthur.

"If you can make Arthur Frank Weasley see that they abused him, maybe he can be adopted". Harry and Ginny grinned. "Deal".

Harry awoke, and relised he was in his closet. He avoided an spider and quickly got changed into his baggy clothes. He heard Petunia outside.

"Boy, we are going to the Museam. You should be glad you are coming, you selfish git", she yelled. Harry would pay to see her death again.

Harry, Ron and Ginny were running away from the death eaters. "Where is Hermione", Ginny asked when they managed to hide.

"Well, i was going to tell you's later. She's pregnant", and Ginny grinned, but then there was an scream. Harry looked out, and paled.

Vernon Dursley was seen getting murdered by an death eater. Petunia was trying to kick an advancing Wormtail, who used the freezing charm on her.

"Don't be shy", he whispered. He raped her there and then. Dudley was frozen in terror. His father was dead, his mother was getting raped. And then BOOM.

The car exploded, killing Petunia, Dudley and Wormtail were killed. Harry had an tear in his eye. He only felt sorry for Dudley.

Harry followed them out and got in the car. Vernon was shouting about how Harry was at fault for being born.

They stopped at the History Museaum. "Mum, Dad. I'm bored", Dudley moaned. Petunia ignored him and four of them stepped in.

To Harry's shock, he saw Arthur Weasley with Ginny.

Harry and Ginny yelled and screamed as they were trapped in the burning Burrow. No Charm could get them out of this one.

Arthur and Molly saw the couple and tried to save them. An explosion happened, roaring Molly from the banister. She was dead.

"NO", Arthur screamed. He tripped up and fell straight into the fire. Harry and Ginny had nightmares and felt sick when they used his body to get away.

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