Opening Narration: In the criminal justice system of Miami, the people are represented by two seperate, yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. This is Miami; these are its stories.

(Clang Clang)

A woman is shown singing in a crowded nightclub. The audience is clapping and cheering as the performer sings. We then see a mysterious man watching the performer intently and walking out of the nightclub. The singer from before exits through a back door, and she is walking down the sidewalk as a hooded figure suddenly jumps out of an alleyway and drags the woman into it. We hear the woman's screams echo into the night as the scene fades into daytime. Police have already cordoned off the area. Another car pulls up, and two men get out. They get out their badges.

Detective Vaughn - Detectives Dante Vaughn and Lance Carlson, CIFB.

The detectives walk past the police tape and an M.E. is examining the woman's body.

Detective Carlson - So, what's the diagnosis?

M.E. Anderson - Definately a homicide. This woman has some pretty noticable bruising around her neck and a nasty stab wound to the abdomen- watch out, detective!

Detective Carlson almosts steps in a bloody puddle.

Detective Carlson - I assume she bled out?

M.E. Anderson - Yep. She's been dead for probably 4 hours.

Detective Vaughn - Looks like our perp got a 4-hour head start.

Detective Carlson - Hmmm. Anything else?

M.E. Anderson - No, but once I get her to te morgue and prepped I should give you some more info.

Carlson looks at Vaughn.

Detective Vaughn - ...and my friends wonder why I'm not famous.

(The scene fades out. Cue thematic intro)

(Fade in to a small living room. The detectives are sitting on a couch. Across of them sits a man and woman)

Detective Carlson - Mr. and Mrs. Donovan, we're very sorry for your loss.

(Mrs. Donovan sniffles)

Mrs. Donovan - We appreciate all that you have done, but...please tell us, do you know who did this to our Kristine?

Detective Vaughn - I'm sorry Mrs. Donovan, we don't know yet, bu-

Mr. Donovan - Well, do you have any leads at all?

Detective Vaughn - Yes we do, but we don't have a solid one that could lead us to an arrest yet.

(Mr. Donovan leans back and sighs deeply)

Detective Carlson - Trust us, we will find who did this to Kristine...and they will be punished to the full extent of the law.

Mr. Donovan - Before you take the rat bastard to court, I want to see his face. I want him to pay!

Detective Carlson - Please, Mr. Donovan. There's no need for violence. We will make sure he pays dearly for his crimes. For the record, did you happen to know any of Kristine's friends or associates?

Mrs. Donovan - Yes...Sarah Ramsey. She was Kristine's friend all through high-school. She also helped get her noticed by some big-name record labels.

Detective Vaughn - Thanks for your time, Mr. and Mrs. Donovan.

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