Law & Order: Miami is an upcoming video-game based off the series of the same name.

The game will reportedly revolve around cases that take place in between the seasons from the TV series starting from Seasons One to Twelve. The game is currently in production and will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC systems. A release date has not yet been specified.


There is not really a plot, but there are cases that follow a linear pattern which take place in between seasons from the TV series.


As a Detective

At the beginning of every case, the player gets to choose two detectives to investigate the crime scene. The players' choices will not have negative consequences since each detective has unique qualities that will advance the case more quickly in a certain way, whether it be finding groundbreaking leads or damnable evidence, or convincing a witness to reveal a secret or a suspect to confess. These qualities will all play important parts in the cases that the players will go through.

Doing a good job on cases earns the detectives a good rating, while doing a bad job will not only earn the detectives a poor rating, but the suspect(s) will go free due to lack of evidence.

Confirmed Cases

Act I

  • Work of Art - An art museum is robbed, leading the detectives to suspect a guard working at the museum might have taken part in the robbery.
  • Price Drop - The detectives investigate a grocery store robbery.




  • Elisa Keener - Voiced by Tiffany Hines
  • Tricia Harding - Voiced by Allison Mack
  • Kevin Jones - Voiced by Tara Strong
  • Hillary Geords - Voiced by Tara Strong


The game has received two awards for "Game of the Year" and "Most Anticipated Game".

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