Laws of Nature is an action horror TV show which is the introduction of the Laws of series. There are three main characters to the story who remain alive throughout; Johnathan Mason, an average 20-year-old man who is highly experienced in both usage and knowledge of guns and swords; Sara Carron, a hired 19-year old Latina assassin who was said to have have her mission to come soon, but it never happened after the fateful day(She is also Johnathan's love interest in the series); and Thomas Kozac, a 20-year-old martial artist who uses pressure points to defeat his enemies.



"There are many Laws on this Earth that are always obeyed by the residents. But not Laws as in Government Laws, Laws that come from the Earth itself, ever since the very first few species had come to be. The first was the Laws of Nature. I'm pretty sure you know how it works. Kill or be killed, Survival of the Fittest, all of that. Animals always depended on each other for survival. But years ago, all of that changed. Someone or something had corrupted these Laws and now every known carnivorous creature on the planet shall have the entire Human Race as its main and only target. If you are reading this introduction letter on the first page of this journal, you should know that I stopped this crisis for good and left this journal behind for the next of these journeys to happen. As you read on, you will see how my friends and I had survived this crisis and stopped everything. This is the beginning on stopping the Laws."

- Johnathan Mason, survivor of the Human Race


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