Legend is an 2005 horror film that features the friends characters.When Rachel finds out she is pregnant with her second child,The Child turns out to be an demon which had managed to get into her body.Now,The Friends prepare an journey which will take them to hell.


Rachel Geller Green gets the surprise of her life when she finds out she is pregnant with her second child.However,Ross then notices in the scan of the baby that it is not an normal child,And he and the rest of the gang prepare an journey they never expected to take.


Rachel is in the bathroom and she is looking at the preganacy test.She is positive and she tells Ross.During the first scan,Ross is the only one to see that the fetus is not like the other scans.That night,He shows it to Monica who does not see anything and shows it to Joey,Who does see it.

Ross and Rachel then go and tell Emma,Who is five.She is happy and Ross hugs her.Ross tells Phoebe and shows her it.Phoebe reacts negatively and runs away.Ross runs up to Phoebe and she says that something is wrong with the child.

That night,Rachel sleapwalks and picks up an knife.However,She wakes up and surprises herself.Rachel tells Ross,Who tells Phoebe.Chandler and Monica then give the twins to Chandler's mother so they can spend the weekend by themselve.

Rachel then vomits on an man in an restraunt.That night,The man kills his girlfriend and stalks Monica going to her house.He then stabs her and tortures her.Monica wakes up in the hospital and learns that an man attacked her and then killed himself.

Ross and Phoebe get worried when they learn about this,And Phoebe thinks that an demon is inside.MOre

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