Legends of The Ancestor is an action-adventure game developed by Infinity Ward and released by Activision on January 10, 2011 (worldwide).


Murder of the Governor

It was New Year's Day, 2020. Robert Sevenham was the leader of a separatist movement, called Call for Independent California, who wanted an independent California, truly devoted to God and away from the "wicked" United States, wrecked due to anti-God issues, a massive global recession, the annexation of Texas and Florida to Mexico and a Second Cold War against Russia and India. That night, during in the middle of a massive New Year celebration, Sevenham and Thomas Leary, a Master Assassin in the New Age Assassin Order and a member of the separatist movement, infiltrated the office of Governor David Eckton in Sacramento and killed the governor, along with his secretary, Jay Melcel and two soldiers who guarded the office. The New Year celebration turned into chaos as Sevenham and Leary escaped the office while being chased by a police squad through the streets of Sacramento. However, the squad fired a bazooka towards the car, which exploded. The squad quickly evacuated Sevenham and Leary.

A week later, as they regained consciousness, Sevenham and Leary found themselves in a police station, with Governor Eckton's son, Robert Eckton, ready to interrogate them. Before the interrogation, Sevenham and Leary underwent a scheduled 10-minute quarantine. However, during the quarantine, a mistake happened, resulting in Sevenham and Leary being accidentally attached to a genetic memory device. Sevenham and Leary were knocked unconscious by the device's defective interface. A day later, they regained consciousness. However, they were filled by hallucinations of a mysterious assassin and a 17th-century assassin with a French-Italian accent, before falling unconscious in 5 minutes.

Eckton and some policemen tried to take Sevenham and Leary back to normal. While in the process of separating the memory device from Sevenham and Leary, Eckton accidentally integrated a digital database made by an assassin with the interface. The device uttered, "Positive ID. Positive DNA. Reliving genetic memory."

Flavius Wettingham, a doctor who extensively studied genetic memory, and Desmond Miles, already famous around the world for Abstergo Industries' conduct to him, were called to the scene. They revealed that Sevenham and Leary were acting as a remote ancestor through genetic memory. Sevenham and Leary were quickly confined to a special room, called the "genetic room".

The Auditore Heir

It was 1690. 20-year-old Louis-Avari "Levi" Auditore was debating with his friends in a local pub at Genoa about the Bible. As they began to debate about the ending of the Bible, a French soldier went inside the pub and forced all the people in the pub to leave. Levi joined a massive crowd overlooking the French troops as they marched into Genoa, after a 12-hour siege, during which the inhabitants of Genoa, who were not soldiers, continued their normal activities.

Levi returned home, only to find that his house was empty. As he searched for his parents, Reggio and Lucina, he stumbled upon a camp filled by dead and injured Genoese. He found his parents there, and had an conversation with them. During this conversation, Reggio, the Grand Master of the Assassin Order, passed the leadership of the order to Levi, a trained assassin, who was tasked to go to Samarkand, find the scholar Salamun Al-Ammar and retrieve the frame of the Crystal of Magma, which brought upon the world peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Levi left Genoa by the next day, and traveled with a caravan to Samarkand.

Mission for the Guild

In Samarkand, Levi managed to gain access into an inn near al-Ammar's villa. As soon as he gained access into the inn, Levi entered al-Ammar's villa. There, al-Ammar revealed to Levi that the frame was in the hands of Yazid Az-Zhahir, the professor of the new University of Samarkand. Levi went to the university, and found Az-Zhahir there. However, Az-Zhahir told Levi that the frame was only obtainable by a member of the Delhi Guild who was stationed in Samarkand.

Az-Zhahir tasked Levi with a mission to assassinate Fernando da Alvares, the Portuguese governor of Goa in India, retrieve the bronze ring of the Crystal of Magma, and eliminate the power of Portuguese India there. Levi agreed, and traveled to Goa.

In Goa, Levi found that he was not allowed entrance into da Alvares' residence, and that he must do some tasks for Portuguese India before entering a Alvares' residence. The secretary of da Alvares, Lorha, tasked him to gain money by winning a game of chess in a local tournament and gather 2 followers to meet da Alvares. Then, Levi submitted himself in the local chess tournament, and managed to win all the chess-themed games.

Levi also gathered 2 new followers, Sinha Malves, the Spanish-Portuguese organizer of the tournament and Pedro la Ebode, Malves' secretary and a blacksmith. While returning to Lorha, Levi and his followers realized that Levi had been declared a criminal by da Alvares and was a target of arrest. They were ambushed by da Alvares' henchmen, only to escape to da Alvares' villa, where they encountered tens of Portuguese troops and guards. Finally, after having to kill da Alvares' vicious lion, they faced da Alvares himself. A duel happened between Levi and da Alvares. Levi gained the upper hand and killed da Alvares, just before retrieving the crystal's bronze ring.

Levi and his followers went to Samarkand, where they met Az-Zhahir.

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