Lego Spider-Man The Video Game is a video game licensed by LEGO and Activision, and developed by Treyarch.


The LEGO Spider-Man hub is a free-roam version of New York City. However, instead of the intire city, just one small section is in the hub, so that navigation is easier. Web-Swinging is available, using the R2 and L2/Left and Right Trigger buttons to web swing when Spiderman. To web a goon/villain into a cocoon, press the L1/Left Bumper, also only when you are Spidey. To web a villain towards you, press the R1/Right Bumper to do that as Spidey. Also, these buttons trigger the various weapons and special abilities each character has.


Peter Parker is bitten by a Radioactive Spider, and goes on lots of adventures.

Movie - Levels

Movie 1 - Spider-Man

Level 1 - Bite of the Spider

The Player controls Peter Parker and Mary Jane as they run around the museum looking for the perfect spot for Peter to snap a picture of MJ. Every time the player reaches the spot, a new spot appears about 2 times. Then a cutscene occurs, where Peter gets bitten by the Spider.

Enemies: Spiders

Supervillain(s): None.

Level 2 - The Human Spider

The Player controls Wrestler Spider-Man or BoneSaw McGraw(Similar to the Level 6 of Episode 3 of the LEGO Star Wars I game). As Peter, you can climb the walls by running into them, but as BoneSaw, one hit takes two hearts. There are 10 hearts for Peter as BoneSaw, but 20 hearts for BoneSaw as Peter.

Enemies: Punk girls

Supervillain: BoneSaw McGraw

Level 3 - Avenging Death

The player controls Wrestler Spider-Man and a Cop. Peter can web swing and jump buildings while the cop has a car. The second part of the level you play as Peter and the Cop, and you try to take down the Burglar, who has 20 hearts.


Supervillain: Uncle Ben's Killer

Level 4 - Oscorp's Fair

The Player controls Spider-Man and MJ. MJ can only run along the ledge and throw shoes. Peter can webswing and hit the Goblin close up. You fight the Green Goblin, who has 20 hearts.

Enemies: None

Supervillains: Green Goblin

Level 5 - The Fire

The player controls Spider-Man and a Firefighter as they run through the building saving 3 trapped civilians. After that's done, you have to run to the top floor of the building.

Enemies: None

Supervillains: None

Level 6 - The Green Goblin

The Player controls Spider-Man or MJ. If Spider-Man, you fight Green Goblin on the bridge, who has 10 hearts. After defeated, you will fight him again, with 20 hearts in the abandoned church. As MJ, you simply climb down a rope with a time limit. After you climb down the rope, you fight the second fight with Goblin anyway as Spidey.

Enemies: Razor Bats

Supervillains: Green Goblin

Movie 2 - Spider-Man 2

Level 1 - The Experiment

You are Spidey and Harry Osborn. You run around turning off switches to turn off the machine. The machine can create Electric men, and if you don't turn it off in time the mission starts over. The Time Limit is 1 minute.

Enemies: Electric Men

Supervillains: None

Level 2 - The Bank

You can be Spidey or Aunt May, as Aunt May you must run around and find keys. As Spidey you must defeat Doc Ock's henchman then defeat the Doc himself to save Aunt May. There is a Time Limit of 2 minutes.

Enemies: Doc Ock's Goons

Supervillains: Doc Ock

Level 3 - Saving the Youth

You are Peter and a Fireman, and you must run through the building to find a lost child. When the child is found, you must escape with a time limit of 1 minute.

Enemies: None

Supervillains: None

Level 4 - The Train

You must defeat Octavius on the train as Spidey and a Passenger. Once he is defeated you must complete a minigame to stop the train. Once completed, you must defeat Octavius again.

Enemies: None

Supervillains: Doctor Octopus

Level 5 - At the Warehouse

You are Spidey and Mary Jane as you must defeat Doctor Octopus. Once defeated, you must turn off all the switches, and Defeat Ock again. Then you must defeat Ock one last time.

Enemies: None

Supervillains: Doc Ock

Level 6 - The Secret Laboratory

You are Harry Osborn and a mirror with a picture of Norman Osborn on it. You destroy one of the 7 mirrors, and you find the Secret Lab. You go inside, and you are sent to find certain objects around the lab.

Enemies: None

Supervillains: None

Movie 3 - Spider-Man 3

Level 1 - The New Goblin

You are Peter Parker and a Hawk. As Peter, you must climb onto New Goblin's board to fight him. As the hawk, you can fly up to Harry and peck him to take away a heart.

Enemies: None

Supervillains: New Goblin

Level 2 - Sandstorm

You are Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy. As Spider-Man, you must web-swing up to the truck and kick it a total of 20 times. As Gwen, you are driving in a truck and you can shoot the truck instead of kicking it as Spidey.

Enemies: None

Supervillains: None

Level 3 - The Black Suit

You are Black Suit Spidey and a Police Officer. You must defeat 15 thugs as Black Suit Spidey.

Enemies: Thugs

Bosses: None

Level 4 - Battling Underground

You are Black Suit Spidey and Eddie Brock. As Black Suit Spidey, you must defeat Sandman. Sandman has 20 hearts. As Eddie Brock, you must take 20 different pictures of Spidey before the battle is over. As Eddie Brock, Symbiote Spawn will fly off of Spidey and try to attack you.

Enemies: Symbiote Spawn

Bosses: Sandman

Level 5 - The Sand Beast

You are Spider-man and New Goblin and you are fighting a giant sandman monster. As Spider-man you can break the fire hydrant and punch him, as New Goblin you can break the fire hydrant and throw bombs. While fighting, sandman will create little sand men.

Enemies: Sand men

Bosses: Giant Sandman

Level 6 - The Final Battle

You are Spider-man and New Goblin and you are facing Venom who has 20 hearts, while you're fighting him, Symbeout spawn will fly off of him and attack you.

Enemies: Symbeout spawn

Bosses: Venom


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