Let's Scare Jessica To Death is a 2010 American Horror film remake of the 1971 Low-Budget horror film of the same name. The remake is written by Brian Pulito, Eric Heiresser and Cathy Konrad and directed by Eric Heiresser making the film Heiresser's directorial debut. It stars Ashley Johnson in the titular role of Jessica, Michael Cassidy, Joe Dinicol, Chris Rankin, Samantha Mumba, Jamal Mixon, Francis Capra, Jamie Chun and Adrianne Palicki.


A woman Jessica (Ashley Johnson) her husband Duncan (Michael Cassidy) and their friend Woody Charles (Chris Rankin) move into a supposedly haunted Conneticut Island Farmhouse. Jessica having had just been released from a Mental Institution following the murders of her group of friends from the small town of Keep, Arizona. Jessica believes the Farmhouse to be actually haunted and claims to her husband and their housemate that their may a ghost within their house coming out whenever a large rainstorm happens on the island.

Jessica eventually befriends three women Collie Penn (Samantha Mumba) Tanya Coleman (Daniela Ruah) and Tarvin Darles (Cheryl Cole). She also goes on to meet a free-loving hippie girl Emily (Adrianna Palicki) whom she offers a place to stay. Eventually a podcast for a large four day lasting Rainstorm is declared and Jessica's irrerational fears begin again as she believes the ghost of her house that is haunting her will emerge and take her. Before the the first day of the four day storm begins the Weatherman who announced the four day storm is killed whilest out fishing at a lake.

Then the Weatherman's wife is killed after witnessing her husband's death. The first day of the storm begins and strange things begin to happen to Jessica and her newfound friends: First Tanya Coleman's home is violently smashed up from within the walls, Collie's house becomes flooded when the house is all sealed up, Tarvin is attacked whilest locking up the town cafe she works at and Jessica herself is almost drowned as her bed is flooded but not before being pulled up her bedroom wall and raped by an unseen assailant.

Emily claims to have seen Jessica be attacked up the walls however Duncan and Woody ignore it as a simple fear attack. Things go from bad to worse as the following day Jessica is forced to take part in a session with a town therapist who makes Jessica take a kiyaking trip up the lake where the Weatherman was killed. Jessica is forced to paddle alongside Duncan and Woody until Jessica is seemingly attacked by something in the water.That night, Jessica's friends return to their houses.

Woody decides to go over and visit Tanya at her house. Woody is then killed and then Tanya follows. From there the girls are killed off over the next few days as Jessica's attacks from the unseen force become violent. Next to die is Collie who is killed along with her mother and father. Tarvin then follows as she is attacked by the assailant who chases her through a stretch of woods until she reaches Jessica's property.

Tarvin is unable to get into the house but however enters the Garden and shed and unseeingly comes across a horrifying sight. Tarvin is then killed. It is then revealed that Jessica was not home as Duncan had taken her to the local town Pharmacy for some medicine prescriptions. Upon returning home everything seems normal except that Jessica seems to think something is in the Garden Shed.

Jessica however soon goes to bed with Duncan and Emily goes to sleep in the guest bedroom. Jessica has a nervous breakdown and accidentally kills Duncan. The Therapist then barges into the house and awakens Emily whom he informs that her housemate Jessica has a condition she needs to know about. He tells her how Jessica has schizophrenia of the worst sort and a very bad case of Multiple Personality Syndrome and those friends of hers that died back in Arizona were killed by her as she adopted the personality of a demon she believed to be constructed of water.

He then informs that the reason there ar no pictures of her father in their house and she does not like to discuss him for as a child he would almost drowned her as she refused to swim for him as they were kiyaking when he was drunk. The Therapist and Emily then go to Jessica and Duncan's bedroom to find blood pouring the from the bed but no body. The Therapist and Emily then head outside for the Therapist's car to to escape but find the car's tyres to be slashed.

Emily then heads over to the Garden Shed and opens the door. We are now shown what Tarvin saw was the bodies of Collie, The Weatherman and his wife, Tanya Coleman and Woody. Now in the Garden shed is also the bodies of Duncan and Tarvin. Jessica then attacks with a pick-axe and kills the Therapist leaving Emily to flee into the woods.

Emily is soon lept upon by Jessica and about to be killed by her pick-axe. Emily eventually overpowers Jessica and kills her as she switches back into her normal personality, Jessica tries to tell Emily that the monster is feet away from them coming to get them. Emily dismisses her plead and swings the pick-axe down upon her.

However Jessica deflects it and quickly switches back into her demon personality which makes her grab hold of Emily and tackle roll her down a muddy hill. Jessica then appears to be dead as she has rolled into a tree branch spike. Emily then reaches the lake where the Weatherman and his wife were killed and she had been kiyaking with Duncan and Woody. Emily takes out a canoe and begins paddling out.

Jessica however enters the lake and swims up the canoe preparing to board it. Upon getting up in it she advances Emily but is knocked overboard. Emily then finishes Jessica with a Pick-Axe to the head. The following day the police come to the property and take out the bodies.

The Police eventually come to the lake and pull in Jessica's body as well as attempting to pull in Emily from the canoe. Emily is soon then put into a police car which on the radio is reporting the murders commited by Jessica including the ones done at the beginning of the film. Emily then becomes crazy and attacks and kills the two officers.

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