Library is an upcoming 2011 Psychological Horror Film Written by Rick Rosenthal and Directed by Jane Rosenthal based on the 1990 Four Past Midnight Short Story The Library Policeman by Stephen King.

Starring Alex Pettyfer, Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Greenwood and Patricia Clarkson.


A little boy enters a Library In Maine passing a street filled with pictures of missing children.

Once inside the library he approaches a women named Gilena who directs him towards the children's aisle.

The boy aplty named Samuel Feebles draws out a book titled Child's Innocence.

Gilena takes the book from Sam claiming it shouldn't be in this section.

He then removes another book titled Touched it seems to have inapproriate illustratory images inside henceforth Sam conceals it in his shirt.

He tells the woman Gilena he'll search for a book himself now.

She leaves him to it still holding the strange book in her hands.

Sam heads for the back of the library and seats himself on a chair where a only a man is present in the reading area.

He checks the back of the book finding a an engraved warning: "Must Be Returned Or Beware The Library Policeman.

The scene then flashes to a nervous man with his wife arguing over their child who hasn't returned.

The parents are revealed to be Mr and Mrs. Peebles and eventually grab the phone to call the police.

The scene then flashes to the boy Sam strapped down on a table as an unseen man whispers to him.

The scene then comes back to the Peeble parents closing a conversation with the authorities.

Their son then returns as their going to sleep.

Over the years reports of two dead children come to town and the horrible death of a police-man has taken place at this Public Library in the small town of Whitshire, Maine.

The time is now 2011 and a 21 Year Old Sam Peebles has returned to Whitshire ready to bury the hatchet of his hauntings which have cost him a lifetime in Therapy Bills.

He visits his parent's graves who have long since passed of a pretty girl with long black hair in a corner-shop he happens to stop at for gas.

He eventually strikes a conversation with her upon running into her again staring at the old Whitshire Library which she is standing outside of.

He eventually takes the woman for a walk at which point she reveals her name to be Jordain Turner a local resident who had lived here up until she nine years old.

Sam upon hearing her name then proclaims she went to the same Elementary School as him and brandishes a school photo before listed with their names.

She then leaves her number for him and tells him to call her so they brush up on more of their history.

That njght after Sam with the help of an old family-home neighbour Paul moves all his living stuff into his old family home.

He settles reading a book entitled Accidents In Water.

He then reaches for his bedside phone whilest holding the piece of ripped paper containing Jordain's number and dials.

The scene then desolves to Jordain getting home confused to find a package on the home lounge-room lamp table.

As she picks it up and about to wrap it up she glances at the photographs on the walls.

Many show her at a young child age with her parents at the house immediatley confirming it to be her childhood home.

She unwraps the package to be holding a black book.

The book is entitled Wet.

Jordain seems panicked at this drops the book with a startled fright and rushes upstairs.

She removes her scarf and overclothing and then glances at her shower.

The scene then heads back to Sam awaiting a pick up from Jordain.

The scene quickly disolves back to Jordain getting into the shower after locking her bathroom door.

As she runs the water she begins to caress her wet hair violently and hits the wall.

The locked door of the bathroom from the inside begins to drip black water which then moves up the bathroom's tiled floor to the shower door.

A record back in her bedroom begins to play the 1970's song Dublin In The Rare Old Times by Pete St. John.

The scene quickly goes back to Sam who now is confused at Jordain not answering as it is barely 7' o' clock and from their conversation she said she isn't busy tonight for example to feel free to call at time.

The following morning Sam follows an ambulance sound and steps outside.

He follows a passing crowd of people from their homes to a white house on the end of his street.

He sees two coroners bringing out a rester supported body in a black bag.

He then asks a beside him elderley lady what's happened.

She informs a woman named Jordain Turner died last night at 7 o' clock in a way that can't be determined.

Sam then enquires to what can't be determined what leaving the woman to answer with how she was killed.

The scene then shows a man Dave a current police officer in Jordain's blood filled bathroom reading a blood written message inside her shower reading: Beware The Library Policeman.

Sam sneakily steps into the property and immediatley seizes the lamp left book entitled Wet.

The police come down and remove him from the property.

Sam is then brought in for questioning after he comes forward that he was scheduled to call Jordain the day of her death after she had left him his number on Tatum Street where the old Whitshire Library is.

The police officer Dave then steps out from the other officers and Dave worried.

The scene then chronicles Dave's tie in to the story and why he was worried about hearing the library part of Sam's confession.

Dave was once a lowlife who witnessed the abduction of a female child a Handy Mart store in New York City.

It is then revealed through the course of Dave's seen story that the person who abducted the female child later approaches him and tells that the female child was killed.

The person is revealed to a female employee of the Handy Mart with the name Ardelia Lortz as read on her nametag.

She then offers him the choice of being killed for what he had seen that night however though briefly or aid in her committing more of what she had already done.

Dave then aided Ardelia as abducted and seeingly devoured over twenty children who had the misfortunatey to enter and shop-lift from the handy mart she worked at.

The place shut down and the manager Greg McKinnon was arrested for the disappearences.

Dave continued too help Ardelia telling her of a small town he came from named Whitshire, Maine.

She enquires to wether there is much children there of which tells her to be plenty.

She then arrives in Whitshire taking a job as a Librarian at the local Whitshire Public Library on Tatum Street.

She then proceeds to kill over 50 Children who have late returned the books they've borrowed, stole or forgot about having.

Dave following the fiftieth child devouring abandons Ardelia and then reveals he has called the police on her.

An Officer shows at the Library and is killed by an enraged revealed monstrous Ardelia.

Dave wards Ardelia off as she in her normal form advances him.

He then proceeds to cover the up the officer's death and seizes his job as an officer.

The years pass and Dave has realized he has destroyed the Ardelia.

He eventually makes his heroic first police bust saving a boy by the name of Sam Peebles from a murderous Paedophile notorious in New York for abducting, raping and murdering little boys.

The Paedophile however commits suice upon Dave and his officers storming his residence and discovering a still alive Sam.

The scene then heads back to Dave who turns back to look at Sam upon hearing him tell the two interrogating officers his name.

Dave then discovers what the monstrous Ardelia Loft and that the reason for the undertermined cause of Jordain Turner's death is because it wasn't natural.

She was sucked of fears right from her body.

That night Sam is then messaged a book as he returns home that night entitled Touched like the book he had checked out before being abducted by the old man from his reading area was a murderous paedophile.

Dave then breaks and enters the Library and pulls out the list of Child Borrowers.

Most of which were killed those many years ago which he helped before the death of the officer that landed his career in law enforcement.

He finds a list of 10 Childhood Borrowers who stolen a book or late returned to not be dead apart from the recent Jordain Turner who had failed to return a book entitled Accidents In Water which on a medical list was revealed to be her fear of drowning.

That night one of two of those people on the list that were children but now adults are killed mysteriously at their homes.

Sam the following day of the two people's deaths comes to the Library and befriends the young receptionist of his age Naomi.

The deaths then mount up as all of the borrowers from that list apart from two are killed over the following week.

The two left alive from the list is Sam and as revealed the receptionist Naomi.

Naomi is attacked at her home one night and saved from death by a strange demon that attacks her by Dave.

Dave then demands to her to know the address of Sam.

The two then arrive at his house and Dave explains everything.

He explains that is a beast that can take many forms and only one true form.

He reveals it poses as a female human at first with the name Ardelia Lortz.

He reveals the demon devours children praying on their fears leaving them dying mysteriously and seemingly without any cause apart from their heart stopping.

He reveals on young children who done something innocently wrong like stealing or lazily forgetting to return something.

Dave takes the two to the Library with Gasoline hoping that she will reveal itself so that when she reveals herself they can set the place alight killing her.

Sam and Naomi begin to pour the gasoline all up the children's book section until they notice the turpentine liquid to circle into a void.

It is revealed to be a trapdoor which upon enter reveals a room of water where she devoured all her victims in Whitshire.

She then attacks locking them inside the Library.

Following Dave be killed the beastly true form of Ardelia is revealed to Naomi and Sam as she informs Sam is to be her new host and that was an actual human by the name of Ardelia Lortz who served as her host.

She was the mother of a female child victim she had ensnared.

She reveals that she is going to kill and devour Naomi like all the others and make Sam her host as was the damaged defiled child of a murderous child molester.

She also claims much to be revenge as more motive for making Sam her selection was because of Dave being the heroic officer who found him and then sent him off back to his parents.

She claims all the adult deaths including Jordain Turner was they were original intended child food of hers from years ago that she never got to because of Dave.

She claims not be one for loose ends.

Naomi is knocked unconsious to the ground then by Ardelia and Sam drops his lighter down on the gasoline liquid trail igniting the building.

Sam and Naomi just escape getting down into Ardelia's hidden basement where she took the children to devour them.

The swim down and make it out a large drain on the outside the Library as the place catches explosion and destroys her.

The following day the authorities and paramedics come and reveal Dave was possibly involved in these child disappearences from not just Whitshire but New York as well.

Turpentine liquid then drips into a drain which a child's hand then appears to grab the drain covered in cuts and blood.


  • Alex Pettyfer as Sam Peebles
  • Emma Stone as Naomi Evensen
  • Bruce Greenwood as Detective Dave Duncan
  • Olivia Wilde as Jordain Turner
  • Patricia Clarkson as Ardelia Lortz

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