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Lieri Amatsu
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August 30 1989



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Lieri Amatsu-Shepard is the Zenyu universe double of Lieri Amatsu who resides with Shinzui Universe.She is the current wife and empress to Seiten Taisei.She currently serves under the title and position of Seiten Taisei's "Head Maiden",which was later revealed that not only was she his wife of many others,but she is the president of the "Royal Harem".Being the wife and famed empress of the entire Zenyu universe,she holds a high level of influence.



Lieri in The Human World

Lieri is generally seen wearing her royal taisei kingdom empress uniform,but due to the fact that she is often moving throughout totality,she changes her appearance accordingly,and often.Where Jordan Shepard and Seiten Taisei entered the material world to combat the new uprising of vasto lorded level hollow,she took a temporary job as a sensei at karakura high school.This causes her to wear a somewhat too form-fitting teachers business attire,which she was criticsized by the Shinzui universe jordan for wearing,due to the fact she lacked the presence of a bra,and revealed much of her bust without care to the point where she seemed completely oblivious to her own revealing appearance.

Lieri posessess long and flowing silky soft purple and along with gorgeous purple eyes.She seems to posess a bodily form and build which is that of a very well-endowed woman.her general appearance as stated before is usually seen with her baring the traditional royal empress uniform of seiten taisei's kingdom,though she has been seen to wear a lighter version of the uniform when out and about,often discarding her crown,staff,and royal cloak when not within the walls of the main palace.Strangely enough,no matter what she wears she seems to be in no way modest about her appearance,throwing it to the wind even.


Lieri is a smart and level headed woman who posessess a calming current around her person.She is not one to sit around and do nothing,as she becomes bored easily within her own kindgom when she has nothing to do,and often violates the empress code to remove herself from the premises,something which seiten taisei himself is unaware of.She rarely shows any emotions to her person other than a calm and warm attitude.


Powers & Abilities

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant:

Intense Speed:

Immense Physical Endurance:

Huge Physical Strength:

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Lieri has proven herself more then capable of being dangerous with a sword,to the point where shi is often idolized and looked up to by other members of Seiten Taisei's royal harem.Her fighting style has been described to be different to her husbands,having the single most graceful and gorgeous form of armed combat in her universe.Other members of the royl harem have described it as a deadly dance,or watching a crane dive and weave gracefully for its prey.

Immense Spiritual Power: Being the wife of the most powerful being in the universe,aswell as the empress of Zenyu,Lieri is in no way a damsel in distress like woman.Despire her appearance,she is not frail in the slightest,and she is infact one of the mightiest people in her universe,possessing a gigantic amount of inner energy.While the power she posessess may not rival her own husbands,she has proven herself more than capable of easily contending with universes strongest and most evil warriors,having enough skill to vanquish an entire army of oppossing men,just by exerting her spiritual energy onto them.


Demon Transmigration

Demon Form:
Demon Lieri

Demonized Lieri

After her battle with the grand succubus and queen of the greater fiends,She was infected spiritually by a small drop of the dark queens spiritual essence,thus allowing it to slowly fester within her body,growing more powerful until finally,the essence of Ultimecia was so powerful that it overwhelemd and subjugated lieri's own mind,taking her body mind and soul for its own.This caused massive shift of appearance in the body on lieri's part due to the fact that the arch demon queen was reconstructing her person to get the most power of of her body.

Ultimate Demon Lieri

The Arch Queens final form

Perfect Demon Form:
Eventually,the spiritual power of the arch demon queen grew tired of its weak body,and thus it obtained a new form of dark power,to surpass the bonds of its original limits.With this new form the arch demon queen violated and ruinated that taisei kingdom.

Controlled Demon Lieri

Controlled Demon Lieri

Controlled Demon Lieri:
Seeing as the power of the arch queen has reached a stage where it couldnt be vanquished from lieri's body,seiten taisei has to weaken and compress her essence till he could return leiri to her original state.Things seemed fine,but lieri secretly began mastering the dakr power by herself,claiming that it was so great,unlike anything she'd ever felt before.This caused her to obtain a new form when she could access on and off,but it didnt come without drawbacks.Due to the essence of the succubus queen,lieri became very flirty and teased seiten taisei and his subjects to the point of projectile nose bleeding.

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