Life Of The Party is a 1988 American Slasher film written by Ed Wood and Richard Matheson and directed by Joan Micklin Silver. It stars Anne Heche, Aujanue Ellis, Nika Futterman, Thomas Jane, Dylan Neal, Mitchell Whitfield, Kim Oja, Sophie Okonedo, Erika Eleniak, Patricia Ford, Jennifer Ehle, Dave England and Tammy Townsend.


A 16-year old female Judy Tetts (Anne Heche) along with her five best friends Tanya Davis (Aujanue Ellis) Fennelly Ivans (Kim Oja) Cassidy Simonsen (Sophia Okonedo) Angela Tenns (Erika Eleniak) Ashley Harp (Jennifer Ehle) and 11 year old younger sister Sally (Tammy Townsend) formulate a plan to catch the town's female child rapist.

Sally offers herself up and the five teenage girls accidentally crack onto to an innocent Taxi Driver.

The Driver is rendered unconsious and left in his car as it in shift slowly slides off a cliff.

Five years a later a killer emerges and begins with killing the now 16 year old Sally Tetts.

Her older sister Judy and her friends are preparing to attend a large Mansion Party to celebrate the anniversary of the day the real female child rapist was caught and arrested.


  • Anne Heche as Judy Tetts
  • Nika Futterman as Robert Tint
  • Thomas Jane as Barry the Designated
  • Dylan Neal as Craig Everlon
  • Mitchell Whitfield as Jonah Craven
  • Kim Oja as Fennelly Ivans
  • Sophia Okonedo as Cassidy Simonsen
  • Erika Eleniak as Angela Tenns
  • Patricia Ford as Miss Sween/ The Party Gatecrasher
  • Jennifer Ehle as Ashley Harp
  • Dave England as Rolston The Security Guard
  • Tammy Townsend as Sally Tetts

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