Light's Out is an upcoming 2013 Teenage Slasher Horror film remake of the 2010 French Mystery Horror thriller film: Simon Werner a disparu..

It is to be written by Kevin Williamson and Ehren Krueger and directed by Ehren Krueger.

It is to star Amber Stevens, Jake Sandvig, Shia Labeouf, Kerry James, Glenndon Chatman, Solange Knowles, Jamie Bell, Cassie Ventura, Nan Zhang, Charlyne Yi, Alexandra Daddario, Eli Marienthal, Bryton McClure, Miko Hughes and Emily Hart.

The movie is rated R for Extreme Teror Violence And Gore, Some Sexual Content, Male Rear Nudity And Strong Language.

It was released by DreamWorks and Ghost House Pictures.


A Group of teenagers from Narlette High School attend fellow senior Dylan Cresty's party at his out of the way residence and discover the mutilated corpse of a man not far out in the bushes of the estate.

The teens conceal the body even more and are one by one picked of by a Black Masking wearing maniac, Mick Thompson.


  • Amber Stevens as Emily Marshall-Peterson
  • Jake Sandvig as Toby Emmernich/Mick Thompson
  • Shia Labeouf as Donnie Draper-Lene
  • Kerry James as Craig Kettlewell
  • Glenndon Chatman as Avery Jane
  • Solange Knowles as Adrianna Weston
  • Jamie Bell as Alan Decker
  • Cassie Ventura as Molly Rockwell
  • Nan Zhang as Coleena Yoki
  • Charlyne Yi as Woleena Yoki
  • Alexandra Daddario as Melanie Tette/ Dylan Cresty's Girlfriend
  • Eli Marienthal as Dylan Cresty
  • Bryton McClure as Recurring Party-Crasher
  • Miko Hughes as Walter Naplin/ Womanizing Rebel Teen
  • Emily Hart as Jeanine Laken/ Beginning Victim


Jeanine Laken- Jaw ripped off, burned alive

Molly Rockwell- Eyes gouged out

Alan Decker- Shot multiple times with arrows

Dylan Cresty- Throat slashed with Bayonet, neck ripped out

Woleena Yoki- Decapitated with hachet

Melanie Tette- Cut in half with hedge clippers

Adianna Weston- Ice skate thrown into face

Craig Kettlewell- Impaled through eye with umbrella

Walter Naplin- Legs chopped off with machete, head crushed by anvil

Coleena Yoki- Gutted with Straight razor

Avery Jane- Sickle shoved down throat

Donnie Draper Lene- Hacked up with chainsaw

Recurring Party Crasher- Head cut in half with sythe

Toby Emmerich/Mick Thompson- Multilated by circular saw


Emily Marshall Peterson


The movie recieved universal acclaim and has 99% on rotten tomatoes for it's grisly comeback on the slasher genre.

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