The Boss Finishers are special ending moves to end boss battles in Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars. These ending combos are very similar to the ones in the God of War series. However, for one boss, each fighter will have different ending combinations. For example, in the final battle against Zorm on the PlayStation 3 version, Mario has these combinations: R2, O, Square, Triangle, R1, Square, and Square, and while Starkiller has: X, O, Square, Square+Analog Stick Up, Square, X, and X+Analog Stick Down.

Link's Finishing MovesEdit

These are Link's finishing moves for the bosses.

  • Crazy Hand: R2, X+Analog Stick Up, X+Analog Stick Foward, X+Analog Stick Down, X
  • Cykulk: Analog Stick Up, Square, R2, Square, X, X+Analog Stick Up, R2, Square+Analog Stick Up, Square+Analog Stick Down
  • King Nograw: X+Analog Stick Foward, R2, X+Analog Stick Down, R1, R2, Square+Analog Stick Up, X+Analog Stick Down
  • Kracko: R2, Triangle, X+Analog Stick Foward, O, X+Analog Stick Up
  • Malegan: R1, O, X+Analog Stick Down, R1, X+Analog Stick Down, X+Analog Stick Foward
  • Master Hand: R2, X+Analog Stick Foward, R1, X+Analog Stick Down, Square+Analog Stick Up
  • Mutated Rancor: R1, X+Analog Stick Down, Square, Square+Analog Stick Up, R1, X
  • Okeran: O, Triangle, Analog Stick Down, R1, Square, X+Analog Stick Foward
  • Wargon: R2, R1, X, R1, Triangle, X
  • Zorm: X, X, Square+Analog Stick Up, R2, Triangle, R2, R1, Analog Stick Foward, X+Analog Stick Down
  • Zorm's 2nd Form: R2, R1, Analog Stick Foward, R2, R2, X
  • Zorm's 3rd Form: R2, O, X, R1, R1, X, X+Analog Stick Down
  • (Boss coming soon)
  • (Boss coming soon)
  • (Boss coming soon)
  • (Boss coming soon)

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