This is a list of villains in 100 Acre Wood Chronicles

Main Villains

  • Pete - a cat who is the arch nemisis of Pooh and Woody. He works as a used-car salesman and lives with his family. Pete is Goofy's neighbor and On and Off Friend.
  • Jenner - an arrogant and power hungry rat who is Pete's friend. He schemed to become the leader of the rats. Sometimes - Jenner spies on Timmy and Martin (who have adventures). It is revealed that He Cholena and Justin fought in The Clone Wars until the day he met Pete.
  • Scar - Simba's betrayed uncle who schemed to rule the Pride Lands. He returned as a Ghost and he plotted to get his revenge on Simba. Scar kidnapped Genie and planned to steal his powers. But Simba and his gang fought Scar and came to Genie's rescue. In the struggle - The evil lion ghost was defeated when he disappeared. Scar returned as a guest at The House of Mouse.
  • Shere Khan - a bengal tiger who owns a business called Khan Industries. He sometimes act as a friend to Baloo the Bear. But he is revealed to be a greedy and menacing creature who cares about money. One day in the Jungle - Shere Khan threatend to eat Mowgli. But Baloo saved his best friend and throws a rock at a beehive - causing the angry bees to chase the tiger away. Khan returned as a guest at The House of Mouse.
  • Shenzi Banzi and Ed - three hyenas who pick on Timon and Pumbaa. They used to work for Scar.
  • Pinky and The Brain - An imbecilic white mouse and his genius companion. They first appeared in the Pooh and Woody's Adventures segments and later in the Simba Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures segments.

  • Minor Villains

  • Kaa the Snake - the snake in Born to be Wild
  • Skullasaurus - a fiendish dinosaur that Pooh and his gang are after. He is also in Adventures On Mount Crumpit.
  • Quint - The arch nemisis of Timon and Pumbaa. He is a man of many disguises.
  • Thorg - a mechanical robotic gorilla in Runaway Train. He is a parody of King Kong.
  • Snowball - a genetically altered hamster who also plans to take over the world. He is Brain's rival.
  • Sheriff Cedric - a very bad cowboy doll in black clothing who is Sheriff Woody's Twin. He was featured in Split Personalites.
  • Prince John - the evil lion prince who was exiled from Nottingham. He schemed to capture other animals in the jungle and sell them to the zoo so he can have money. He appeared in Cross Country Road Trip.
  • Claudius - a roman gladiator lion who was pitted against Simba. He appears in Rome Alone.
  • Marvin the Martian - a small martian who appears in Pooh In Space. Marvin wears a roman soldier's uniform with old fashioned basketball shoes. He planned to rule the galaxy. But was foiled by Pooh Tigger Piglet Woody Buzz and Jessie.
  • Cronus Rat - a mean old rat in A Treasure Lost A Treasure Found. He wants revenge on humanity. So - Martin joined him. But the plan was foiled by Timmy and Martin returned to be with his brother. When Cronus followed The two boys to an underground cave - there was a battle between them. Then as Jennifer Brisby and her two daughters set some gun powder - Timmy and Martin escaped from Cronus. Cronus tried one last time to get the boys - only to fall into a bottomless pit after the brisbies set the gun powder.
  • Toucan Dan - a toucan who is known to be a liar and is called a criminal mastermind - using his skills to hypnotize Timon and Pumbaa and often gets them in trouble. His name is based off of Toucan Sam. He only appears in Save the Warthog.
  • The Pink Rabbit - a magical rabbit in Africa-Dabra.
  • Nasty Jack - a horse in Banding Together. He wanted to trounce Pooh (As The Masked Bear).
  • The Crow Trio - three crows who pick on Rabbit and love to eat his garden
  • Sabor - a leopard in Gardens Of Evil. She was sent by Shere Khan to keep others from coming near any plants in a protanical garden. Sabor chased Nala - But was slained by Simba.
  • Jabba the Hutt - a giant worm like creature in Spookable Pooh. He kidnapped Piglet. But was defeated by Buzz Lightyear.
  • Boba Fett - a bounty hunter who worked for Jabba.
  • Willie the Giant - a giant in the episode Giants. He was later reformed
  • Lord Congo - a humanoid lion in Return of an Old Friend. Lord Congo was an ill tempered monarch who kidnapped Mickey Mouse and He lived in a fortress in the spooky forest. Pooh saved Mickey and Congo followed them to a waterfall. The two fought back with him. But Congo fell off the waterfall and was never seen again.
  • The Termite - a sneaky termite who is hiding in a little box and pretends to be Tigger's friend in Tigger's House Guest. The Termite completley destroyed things that are made of wood. However - The Termite escaped from Pooh Rabbit and the gang with the box and was never seen again.
  • Son - Son (also known as The Fanged God) is a shapeshifting male who was part of The Ones (a family of powerful Force-users living on the planet Mortis during The Clone Wars). Son schemed to rule the forest and destroy Nicodemus. He also tried to recruit Jenner first by posing his deceased mother - then by direct demand. In the final battle - Son fought with Cholena and Justin. He decided to finish off Cholena. But Son was stabbed by Jenner (who saved Cholena's life) and collapsed from his wounds. The three heroes told The Clones that the war is over. It is unknown Son died or not.
  • Oogie Boogie - the boogie man who appeared in Snowed in the 100 Acre Wood and Oogie's Revenge.
  • Boma - a cape buffalo in Simba's Grand Adventure.
  • Heather Rat - Heather Rat is the youngest sister of Ratigan. She only appears in Genie Hunt. Heather kidnapped Genie and planned to get revenge on the brisby family. It is revealed She was mad at them because of her brother's death. Heather went to Thorn Valley to steal money. But then - The Heroes stopped her and save Genie. Heather gets arrested for trying to steal money and is sent away to prison.
  • Gregory Mouse - Gregory Mouse is one of the mice from the labs of Nimh. He appeared in the episode A Treasure Lost A Treasure Found. Gregory is rescued by Justin and Jeremy the Crow who helped him escape from the lab. Instead of thanking them for saving him - Greg did not care about Jeremy and he just walked away. One day in Thorn Valley - Greg encountered Martin who wished to become the mayor of the forest. Greg took him to meet Cronus Rat who plotted revenge on humanity. But Timmy came and helped Martin escaped. Cronus and Greg chased the boys to an underground cave where they battled each other. But the brisbies set some gun powder and an explosion caused Cronus and Greg to fall into a bottomless pit. Timmy and Martin are safe.
  • The Mountain Lion - a clumsy and sneaky old wild feline. He first appeared in Goofy: Father's Lion where He encountered Goofy and his son who are camping in the forest. The Mountain Lion tried to catch Goofy and eat him. But Goofy's son saved his life and hit the lion with his popgun causing him to sneeze. The Mountain Lion re-appeared as a guest at The House of Mouse.

Animated Villains

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