this is a list of Characters in A Lion's Pride.

  • Simba - The King of the Pride Lands who is the father of Kopa.

  • Timon - A Meerkat who is friends with Pumbaa.

  • Pumbaa - A Warthog who is Timon's sidekick

  • Nala - Simba's girlfriend

  • Kopa - The son of Simba and Nala. He is the Prince of the Pride Lands who sets off on an adventure.

  • Jerry - Jerry is an orphaned brown lion cub who befriended Kopa.

  • Kessie - A Lioness cub who travels with Jerry and Kopa on their adventures. Kessie is also an orphan. She and Jerry moved in with Simba's family.

  • Cedric - Kessie's older brother who is a lion version of Rob Schneider.

  • Shere Khan - The Tiger who sent an army of his minions to get Simba and his crew.

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