A Final Boss is the last boss in the main quest of the game. After its defeat, it is usually followed by a cutscene as an end to the main story.

List of Final Bosses

Dark Chronicles: Wrath of Remek

The final boss in Dark Chronicles: Wrath of Remek is Lucifarron. In the Dark Chronicles universe Lucifarron is the lord of hell and master of Remek. Although Remek is classified as the main boss, Lucifarron is the final boss. His name is often confused with Luccifaron.

Dark Chronicles II

The final boss in Dark Chronicles II is Alverdinne. Thousands of years ago he created the Ancient Giant and tried to conquer the world, but was overthrown. He returns to destroy the kingdom of Trathloria with his Giant.

Dark Chronicles III

The final boss in Dark Chronicles III is The Dark Prince in his true form. The Dark Prince is a supernatural being that seeks to reign supreme. He is battled in both his Dark Prince form and his true Dark Dragon form as the final boss.

Dark Chronicles IV

The final boss in Dark Chronicles IV is Neo-Shade. Neo-Shade is a creation of shadow and evil that wishes to engulf Trathloria in darkness.

Dark Chronicles V

The final boss in Dark Chronicles V is Akhbeldon. Akhbeldon is the brother of the Star Prince Alkarazon and wants to destroy both his world and Trathloria.

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