Scream 5

Victims Caused of Death Killer
Micheal Rover Gutted up, tied up in a chair Ghostface (Trixie Sango)
Ruby Higgies Stabbed in the back seven times Ghostface (Sally Mone)
Kirk Loner Stabbed in the stomach Ghostface (Sally Mone)
Richard Mosses Throat slashed, then thrown out of the window Ghostface (Trixie Sango)
Tami Carsia Gutted Ghostface (Sally Mone)
Lizzy Mone Stabbed in the back, then stabbed in the heart Ghostface (Sally Mone)
Alice Nightingale Thrown into the tractor harrows from Halloween 6 and stabbed in the heart. Ghostface (Trixie Sango)
Tina Sheldon Stabbed nine times in the back in the school shower. Ghostface (Trixie Sango)
Henry Coop Stabbed in the shoulder, then stabbed in the chest four times in jail Ghostface (Sally Mone)
Jimmy Mone Stabbed ten times in the back Ghostface (Sally Mone)
Candace Knight Stabbed in the stomach, tied up in a chair, then has her throat slashed and gutted Ghostface (Sally Mone)
Sophie Taylor Stabbed twice in the shoulder and stabbed fourteen times in the back Ghostface (Sally Mone)
Daniel Bowen Stabbed in the back eighteen times Ghostface (Trixie Sango)
Sally Mone Shot in the chest by Natalie and shot in the heart Sidney Prescott and Natalie Carmen
Trixie Sango Stabbed in the stomach and shot in the head Hayley McDonald

Scream 6

Victims Caused of Death Killer
Lucas Lorger Ghostface (Lauren Malloy)
Timmy Vener Ghostface (Lauren Malloy)
Ursula Erina Ghostface (Lauren Malloy)
June Acher Ghostface (Lauren Malloy)
Vanassa Lono Ghostface (Lauren Malloy)
Keke Withon Ghostface (Lauren Malloy
Jamie Sango Ghostface (Lauren Malloy)
Poppy Dene Ghostface (Lauren Malloy)
Polly Ginaer Ghostface (Lauren Malloy)
Oliver Timan Lauren Malloy
Lauren Malloy

Hayley McDonald

Scream 7

Victims Caused of Death Killer
Marcie Becker Gutted up Ghostface (Stu Macher)
Mark Kincaid Stabbed in the stomach fifteen times, gutted, tied up in a chair Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
Frank Roberts Stabbed in the chest, then stabbed in the heart, gutted, and tongue cut out Jill Roberts (Unmasked)
Rebecca Davis Stabbed in the throat Ghostface (Stu Macher)
Jessie Hicks Throat slashed Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
Lainey Haines Stabbed in the back, then gets thrown off the roof Ghostface (Stu Macher)
Brandon James Stabbed in the heart Ghostface (Stu Macher)
Randy Nichols Stabbed in the stomach five times Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
Julie Morris Gutted up Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
Wilson Fletcher Stabbed in the chest six times, then hanged Stu Macher
Stu Macher Gets shot Sam Macher
Jill Roberts Stabbed in the arm, then shot 2 times Kirby Reed and Sidney Prescott
Sidney Prescott Stabbed deeply in the chest Jill Roberts

Scream 8

Victims Caused of Death Killer
Boyd Miller Stabbed in the back Taylor Miller
Logan Davies Throat slashed, then stabbed in the heart Jill Richards
Lily Andrew Stabbed in the forehead Jill Richards
Mike Bell Gutted up Taylor Miller
Amora Sanchez Stabbed in the chest eleven times Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller Shot in the heart Hayley McDonald
Jill Richards Stabbed in the stomach twice, then shot in the chest Fifi Mone and Kirby Reed

Scream 9

Julie White-Stabbed all over the body (Mitch Collins and Andrew Lewis).

Douglas Lawerence-Stabbed in the chest (Andrew Lewis).

Melinda Carson-Stabbed in heart, then stabbed in the forehead (Gina Kendricks).

Alex Peters-Thrown off a roof (Gina Kendricks).

Lisa Wilcox-Stabbed in back six times (Andrew Lewis).

Rachel Miles-Gutted up (Mitch Collins).

Chloe Patterson-Stabbed in the stomach twice and throat slashed (Mitch Collins).

David Reed-Strangled with wire and stabbed twenty four times all over the body (Gina Kendricks).

Megan Reed-Stabbed in the head in the bathtub (Gina Kendricks).

Sarah Feed-Stabbed in back fifteen times and gutted up (Andrew Lewis).

Andrew Lewis-Throat slashed (Kirby Reed).

Mitch Collins-Stabbed in the shoulder and the back, then shot in the chest (Fifi Mone and Det. Tom Wallace)

Gina Kendricks-Stabbed in the heart and shot in the head (Kirby Reed and Det. Sam Macher)

Scream 10

Joel Adams-Stabbed repeatedly and gutted up then tied up in chair (Billy Loomis).

Michelle Adams-Neck snapped (Andrea Loomis).

Danielle Roberts-Thrown off balcony and stabbed three times in the stomach (Andrea Loomis).

James Walker-Stabbed in the back and stabbed in the head ten times through closet door (Andrea Loomis).

Dominque Adams-Stabbed in the neck (Billy Loomis).

Jackie Thomas-Gutted up (Billy Loomis).

Nancy Wist-Stabbed in the chest fifteen times (Billy Loomis).

Andrea Loomis-Shot in the stomach and shot in the head (Fifi Mone and Hayley McDonald)

Billy Loomis-Shot twenty times (Dewey Riley, Sidney Prescott and Det. Sam Macher)

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