• Medical Research Part one, An freshman wanted to stop at the H-Mart supercenter, he talks to the employee and instead of just bag of Korilla Nachos, he gave him a fossil of unknown origin. Now Skeeter begins to unlock the creature, the Arbiter Project and named him Feltwo.
  • Medical Research Part two, Feltwo wants so many questions answered, than a young witch named Jamber answer Feltwo's questions. when it was Jamber's time to leave Feltwo traumatized and tearfully beg her to come back, Skeeter execute 160 units of serum inside Feltwo. Feltwo never age in the progress.
  • Like Father Like Feltwo, Skeeter soon open the test tube with cloning fluid being drained, Feltwo than called Skeeter father and developed inquisitive intelligence and phychic abilities of Telekinesis and Mind Control. Skeeter need to know from the old H-Mart employee who gave Skeeter the fossil and show him Dr.Xehanort's death and Feltwo's memories.
  • First Day of High, It's almost the end of summer vacation and Skeeter have to buy some clothing for Feltwo to disguise him for Movement High. some of mall cashiers and assistance make fun of him after he said that his brother is 15 and needed some back to school clothing.
  • Movement High's Wake Up, the first day is here and Kairi questioned Skeeter until Baron Victor Nefarious attacked Feltwo's location with his demolishor, but Feltwo shows off-the-charts energy readings and blast the demolishor. Kairi and Cole vow to never tell anyone about it at the end.
  • Feltwo's Nightmare, Feltwo dreamed about Dr. Xehanort's death and Jamber's death. woke up saying that they need to find the Deja Vu Titanium at Phaoroh King Hajinnbassador's Tomb
  • Fiction Journeyman Part 1, Skeeter is stuck on the alternated Grabbed By The Groulies (Trapped By The Histories) facing off with Ivan the Terrible's soldiers than teleported to alternated Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee (Unworld: Nitch's Oddysee) sitting in the chair chased by a razorback. meanwhile, Jamber told Feltwo (Young Arbiter) about Victor's treason then leave him at the beginning of his origin. Skeeter is now in the Death Moon of the alternated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Star Nemesis: The Yuner Unleashed) dueling with Lord Xavtod Raziel.
  • Fiction Journeyman Part 2, It's Skeeter Vs. Raziel in a Yuner-pumping lightsaber duel. after that is Dr. Xehanort's cloning laboratory where he meets Feltwo. then after the murder, a titanic darkness monstrosity came out of the mist. but both Skeeter and Feltwo made back in the present day, but almost quiet as it showed because Skeeter saw the old kook and realize he's a novice of Xehanort.
  • Negotiating the Elders, Skeeter went back with Kairi and Cole to talk with the old H-Mart employee whose name is Keiloxas then Keiloxas open a archive vault leading to Reichstag Library. Skeeter picks the middle manuel containing all Feltwo's statistics and moves. Keiloxas is then dissolved.
  • Sand, Ocean, and Victor, Victor's new army of Delta Nazithrees is almost completed while Skeeter, Kairi, Cole prepares the car for the Qicoa Resort but Feltwo decides not to go a reason that he can't swim and terrorify of the water. Victor attacks the largest grand hotel "Megacival Suite" until Feltwo and the others heard the blast. Feltwo use telekinesis but easily drown after defeating Victor and his father, Skeeter use his father's drag netting and pull Feltwo out of the water, then Kairi did some CPR and Feltwo called her mother.
  • Nazithree Resurrection, Skeeter still reading the manuel and his father said that Feltwo's Origins is lost but Skeeter reject it and won't give up. Skeeter, Kairi, Cole, and Feltwo walk to school only under attack by Delta Nazithrees. all six "junktwos" are destroyed but Victor was furious and launch a laser shell with the entity's energy, Feltwo remembered the creature's voice: Creed and then Skeeter push Victor down which accidently launch a laser mortar into the sky and rain down miniature shells at the gang but protected by Feltwo's energy shield.
  • Romance Conspiracy, Feltwo has the same nightmare and turned Skeeter's Quarters into soots and ashes. Kairi thought of the dining idea at Saudi-Persia. at the Nightclub, the belly dancer Yumi flirts with Feltwo and Feltwo is in love. then Victor plans a attack on Sicily, Italy while Feltwo give flowers and talk to Yumi about Jamber and Xehanort.
  • Yumi's Glory Salvation, Yumi asked Feltwo to walk her and Skeeter let him. The Commander told Skeeter and his comrades to push back Sicily Invasion Battalion of Baron Victor Nefarious but Feltwo takes a shortcut to Sicily. Feltwo, enraged saw Yumi's sacrifice and transformed into High Arbiter (Older Form) and easily defeated Victor but too late to stop the rocket strike on Gela Beach, Gela, and Troina. Creed then decided on finding the heart of Jamber's Immortality.
  • Arbiter and Atlantis, Skeeter got a package from his grandfather. He got a Excalibur look-alike and put it together for Feltwo. at the Casualty Dept., Feltwo asked Yumi if she goes on a date with him and Yumi accepts. Feltwo and Yumi went to the Qicoa Resort to look at the Atlantean Mural. Feltwo figured that Jamber's heart creates god-like life but resurfacing only to find out that Creed is after immortality and fight to the finish only to be distracted by a explosion, letting Creed escape.
  • Hunt or be Hunted,

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