Here are a list of episodes in a TV series, Kate and Lily.

Season 1Edit

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original air date Summary Production code
1 1 "Pilot" September 19, 2014 Two sisters, 11-year-old Kate and 9-year-old Lily get together to meet their new family. KL101
2 2 "Remote Controlled" September 26, 2014 The kids fight over the remote while watching TV. KL102
3 3 "Hypnotized!" October 2, 2014 Sunny is hypnotized by Gabriel so Kate and Lily will break the spell. KL103
4 4 "Are You Ready to Be Babysitted?" October 9, 2014 Kate, Lily and Sunny are about to get babysitted by their new nanny. KL104
5 5 "TBA" October 16, 2014 KL105
6 6 "TBA" October 23, 2014 KL106
7 7 "Hallo-What?" October 30, 2014 Kate and Lily decides to go trick-or-treating. KL107

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