The Masanori anime and manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by Yunokawa Tetsuya. The series takes place within it's own of Masanori fictional world with many characters being apart of a variety of fictional races. In-universe, it has been said that there are over one thousand races residing within the world of Masanori.

The main character of the series is Masanori Takanaka who is a demigod as well as the son of Susanoo, the god of storms. Masanori's mother never told him that Susanoo was his father. After an evil organization destroys Masanori's hometown, Masanori sets out on an adventure to uncover the truth about himself and to save his world from destruction at the hands of a malevolent deity.

Main Characters

Masanori Takanaka

Masanori Takanaka (高中正典, Takanaka Masanori) is the primary protagonist and the titular character of the series. He appears as a young boy with spiky white hair, gleaming emerald eyes, and pale skin. He is a Hankami (半神, Demigod) and the son of the legendary god Susanoo. He later comes across the sword Totsuka which was once wielded by his father and his grandfather before him. Being the son of the storm god, Masanori has a natural ability to trigger storms of all different types.

Makoto Kazuhiro

Makoto Kazuhiro (和弘誠, Kazuhiro Makoto) is dispicted as an anti-hero within the series. He is the demigod son of the sun god Amaterasu who is the sister and rival of Masanori's father, Susanoo. Makoto continues the rivalry that his mother has with Masanori's father through Masanori himself. Throughout the series Makoto and Masanori have many confrontations. At the same time Makoto and Masanori have helped each other plenty of times throughout the series. He wields the legendary sword Kusangi which is also one of The Wonders.

Being the child of Amaterasu, the sun god, Makoto bares the natural ability to manipulate fire and solar energy. Makoto is shown to a very skilled combatant and very intelligent as well. Makoto's appearance is that of a teenage boy with ear-length orange hair and bright brown eyes.

Sachi Hotate

Sachi Hotate (保立サチ, Hotate Sachi) is a friend of Masanori Takanaka who joins him on his adventures throughout the course of the series. Sachi is the demigod son of Hachiman, the god of war, and as such has a natural ability to fight. Sachi was originally training to become a samurai upon his debut. He later joins Masanori on his adventures as he wants to the opprutunity to meet his father and be trained by him. Later on the series, Sachi discovers that he has a natural skill for archery. This also do to the fact that his father, Hachiman, is the god of archery as well.

Sachi normally wears a black kimono and samurai sandals as his usual outfit. Sachi also carries two katana which he keeps equipped to both his hips. Sachi wears a blue sash around his waist and has short and spiky blond hair and cyan colored eyes. Sachi is dispicted to have a very serious personality. During combat he behaves rather wildly and has a sadistic fighting style.

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