Main Characters

Collin Riddle

Collin Riddle (voiced by Matthew Lane) is a 13-year-old boy with aspergers syndrome who is fixated on inventing new and
Collin Riddle
exciting things. He allways gets very stressy when he there is an unanswered question, which is why he is determined to find out the answer to everything.

He usually acts as the ringleader in all of the crew's adventures. he is very enthusiastic, and is always looking for excitement, which is why he thinks up the plans for most of the episodes.

Collin has an obvious crush on Tiff, who knows all about the crush, and often teases him on purpose by ignoring him. Collin also has some (not quite love) feelings for Natsumi, as she is the first friend he ever made, and he stopped suffering from childhood-related trauma after he met her.

Natsumi Akimoto

Natsumi Akimoto (voice actress unknown) is a 13-year-old cute looking japanese girl who has severe mental problems, and blurts out words instead of using them to communicate.
Natsumi Akimoto
She is very very very hyperactive, and can't stop bouncing, she burns up countless amounts of callories from doing this, which is why she is in such good physical shape.

Natsumi was the first friend Collin ever made, and he stopped being traumatized after he met her. This is because happiness is the only emotion she can feel, and it rubbed off on Collin slightly. She may be dumb as a doorpost, but if it wasn't for her, none of the series would ever have happened due to Collin's childhood-related trauma.

Tiff Fairweather

Tiff Fairweather (voiced by Kimberley Lock) is a 13-year-old girl who is incredibly stubborn and sarcastic. She is in love with one thing, and one thing only: pizza.
Tiffany Fairweather
she is usually shown holding a slice of pizza in her hand, and then eating it.

She usually puts herself before others, but she is still a nice person. She allways tags along with the crew just for the fun of it, and helps out when she is needed.

She is completely aware of Collin's crush on her, and she likes to ignore him to wind him up, because she thinks it is fun. She never takes it too far and keeps it to a friendly level because she has a heart.

Jet Crawler

Jet Crawler (voiced by Brendan Taylor) is a depressed 13-year-old emo teen who shows very little emotion. He was abandoned by his real parents when he was 8, and is now fostered by the Akimto family.
Jet Crawler

Jet may be the shortest guy in the group, but he certainly isn't the wimpiest. He carries a massive hammer with him to smash things with when there is a fight scene.

In There's a time and place for nothing, Jet is shown to still be living with Natsumi in the future when they are adults. This may indicate that they started dating, or maybe even got married for reasons unknown.

Chris Lanford

Chris Lanford (Voiced by Gareth White) is 33 years old, and is the CEO of Equinox, and pretty much rules the entire world with his company.
Chris Lanford
He only ever leaves his office if there is an emergency, and spends most of the time watching the above characters using his hidden cameras. The reason for this is currently unknown, but rumour has it that it is because he is Collin's biological father, and likes to keep an eye on his son. There is no evidence of this though.

Lanford has $95,000,750,000,000 in his bank account. He has the money to do pretty much anything. He inherited the company and all of that money from his father, Charles Lanford. The company is passed down through generations.

Chris Lanford was diagnosed with autism when he was young, but he burnt his medical record so that people wouldn't judge him when he takes over the world.

Other Characers

Suzie Riddle

Suzie Riddle is Collin Riddle's mother. She is 37 years old, and is currently married to Josh Riddle, her second husband. In Creation of interest she mentions that her first husband was Collin's real father, and left her while she was still pregnant with Collin.

Josh Riddle

Josh Riddle is 39 years old, and is Suzie Riddle's second husband, and Collin's stepfather. He works at the Equinox Electronics Factory. He works long hours, and is often very tired, and falls asleep alot. He wears a cap over his head to cover up his bald spot.

Tim EquinoxTim Equinox (Deceased) was the original CEO of equinox. He first made money by selling a drink which he called Equinox Juice in 59002.?

Tim Equinox
The drink was one of the most addictive things available, and didn't have any major health hazards, but Tim decided to ban the drink because people were commiting crimes just to get some. By that time, the Equinox company was the richest company on earth.

Tim was possibly one of the smartest buisnessmen on earth. The reason is because he was half space-duck (spaceduck DNA for some reason being compatible with human DNA.) The space-duck part talks and has the brain, and can control the human body, but not the human face. The human face remains with a blank expression and a jaw-dropped mouth.

He is often mentioned by Chris Lanford, but he is only ever officially seen when the 13-year-olds travel back in time.

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