Mechas are enhanced robots that always follow orders to their leader. They where created by the U.S. Military to defeat enemies faster and protect the world. The mechas were originally lead by Sgt. Cammando, and now lead by Mecha-161. There are also some mechas that have betrayed the 161 Mecha Army.

First Models

  • Mecha-1 (Roller) - This was the original design that was only used for loading up weapons, ammo, and other things. When needed in battle, they use special mecha snipers to kill enemies right on the spot.
  • Mecha-2 (Spider) - Spider's where really the first to be used on the battlefield. They used special shotguns designed for them. They were also used as spies using there long neck and eye to see enemy operations. They are capable to crawl on walls.
  • Mecha-3 to 55 coming soon

Second Models

  • Mecha-55 to 150 coming soon

Third Models

  • Mecha151 to 161 coming soon

Advanced Mechas

  • Cammando's Mecha - Seen in the first Ultimo X game as the final boss. He is a playable character in Warzone's Mecha War multiplayer mdoe.
  • Mecha-Dragon - (Coming soon)
  • Mecha-Scorpion - (Coming soon)
  • Mecha-Spider - (Coming soon)


Mecha-1Mecha-2Mecha-40Mecha-41Mecha-114Mecha-115Mecha-140Mecha-150Mecha-151ScanlineMecha-161 Special StanceCammando's MechaMecha-DragonMecha-ScorpionMecha-Spider

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