Title Years Seasons Stopped Notes
Wii Music: The Pros 1886-2012 50 (1886-2012) Going to
  • Started in 1886
  • Away to stop in 2012
Adventures of the Death 1999-2002 3 Yeah Mii show
Old Together 2000-2005 5 Yeah Mii show


3 Yeah TDU show
The Volcano Island 2004-2006, 2011 2 Yes
  • Returned in 2011, but cancelled again
South Park: A New Era 2004-present 6 (so far) No/nearly did
  • Spin off from South Park
Coon and Friends 2007-present 8 (so far) No
  • Spin off from South Park and South Park: A New Era
KM Live 2008-2011 5 Yeah News show
Puppet Pals 2011-present 4 (so far) No
Test Drive Unlimted: Ibiza 2010-present 6 (so far) No
  • Three characters called Steve, Joe and Bamber
  • Set in San Antinio
  • First series to have commentray on a game
  • 7 cars in the show
Good Morning TV 2011-present No
  • Followed by KM Live
  • News show
Futurama: The New World 2011-present 1 (so far) No
  • Fanon spin-off to Futurama
  • New character introduced called Zac
The Coswolds 2011-2012 3 (planned) Going to
  • Spin off to the Simpsons
The Lengends 2012-present 1 (so far) No
  • Show followed by Wii Music: The Pros
Test Drive Unlimted: Hawii Unknown ? ? Confrimed TV series

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