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  • Damian Lupin- Damian belongs to the Clan Lupin and was born as a human five hundred years ago, during the Forsaken Wars waged between mankind, vampyrs and werewolves. During daylight Damian is usually impulsive and commanding, and dominates much of the Wolf Hill High School campus. His clan was once strong in numbers but has since dwindled, so in The Moon Is My Foe he begins to recruit others to his clan, but infecting them. He presuambly falls from the Mountain after Tessa pushes him and dies.
  • Dean Scarn- Dean is from an apossing werewolf clan, the Scarns. At the beginning of The Moon Is My Foe he and Damian fight on school grounds, and he appears to loose. Dean is not known to be a werewolf until he attacks Damian when he tries to kill Tessa. It is then made clear that the Scarn clan is "good" and the Lupin clan is "evil". At the end of The Moon Is My Foe Dean goes into hiding, but returns in Blood On My Hands when the Vampyr Sharloc arises from his sleep and embarks on his for Tessa.
  • Borlof Scarn- Borlof is Dean's blood-brother and belongs to the Scarn clan. He is introduced in Blood On My Hands and arrives with many others of the Scarn clan to destroy Sharloc and his wife Mishka, as well as their many offspring. After killing Sharloc Borlof is shot by the police and dies.


  • Sharloc- The Vampyr Lord Sharloc was imprisoned in his crypt at the end of the Forsaken Wars by humans. At the beginning of Blood On My Hands he is awoken as well as his wife Mishka. Borlof Scarn kills Sharloc at the end of book two, and bites Mishka who then in book three gives birth to a vampyr-werewolf hybrid, mirroring Underworld Evolution.
  • Mishka- Mishka was the Consort of Sharloc and spawned many offspring. She was imprisoned with her beloved and awoke once more. After killing Sharloc, Borlof Scarn bit Mishka before being shot by the police. She later gives birth to a vampyr-werewolf hybrid but is killed by Dean in book three.

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