Troy Beltram-A former drug dealer who has gone straight.He is a police officer in Clinton Hill,Brooklyn he is trying to bring down Drug kingpin Glenda Magnus who killed his father bcause he turned down her sexual advances.He is voiced by Rocky Carroll.

Glenda Magnus-A drug kingpin who killed Beck Beltram becaue he refused to go out with her. She serves as the main antagonist of the game.She expanded her empire by taking over from her father. A ruthless woman who lacks emotion she has her men go after Troy Beltram.However towards the end of the game she is killed when her ship explodes.She is voiced by Sophie Okonedo

Royce Cotto-A corrupt cop who assists Glenda Magnus in her drug cartel. He is extremely jealous of Troy Beltram and tries to frame him by planting drugs in his locker.However that fails and he and Troy get into a fight where he is thrown over the side of a roof and into spikes where he is impaled. He is voiced by Benecio Del Toro

Glen-A pimp who is friends with Troy Beltram He is known for treating his girls with respect never getting mad at them even when they do not do what he says.He runs an brothel in Williamsburg and has taken on clients including senators.He is alive at the end of the game as he assists Troy in taking down Glenda.He is voiced by Daniel Dae Kim

Nile-The Liutenant of the fictional 124th precinct in Clinton hill brooklyn,he is cold and stern however this is just a facade as he is kind hearted and has a sense of humor.He gives Troy the task of taking down Glenda Magnus.He has a Dad named Elijah.He is gunned down in the second to last mission Glenda's goodness by Glenda Magnus.He is voiced by Manu Narayan

Julian Is one of glenda's henchmen who is responsible for putting Arsenic in her husbands food to kill him so he couldn't testify against her. He was once a rapper but was fired by the record manager for failing to make $400,000.He is first seen in the 1st mission in the game brooklyn's finest assisiting Royce Cotto in going after Troy Beltram however he was shot in the leg by Troy however he maages to survive and antagonizes Troy for the rest of the game until he is arrested by him in the end credits.He was voiced by Method Man.

Linda Pavrano Is the leader of the Pavrano crime family which operates out of a run down theatre in the New Lots section of East new york.She is first seen in the 32nd mission. New lots same as the old lots where she is overseeing the production of a porn film.However she comes across Troy and has her assistant dispose of him.She also created a computer which she named the pavranonator 65.This computer is used to disguise her sinister intentions she was to use them to release a poisonous gas to kill Troy Beltram.She almost succeeded in her plans but before she could Troy snapped her neck killing her instantly.She is voiced by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

King Is Linda Pavrano's assistant.He was revealed to have tried out for dancing with the stars but was rejected because of his violent tendencies.He is voiced by Eric Bogosian

Mr.Halverson is a smiling gangster who is known for his sunny cheerful optimsm even when he is killing people.He is a member of a rival gang who are rivals with glenda magnus's cartel despite this they share the same enemy in Troy Beltram.He runs his operations out of Hotel Julienne in Brooklyn Heights. he is first seen in the cutscene of the 1st mission where it's revealed he stole drugs from Glenda Magnus.He makes his first in person appearance in mission 2 Smile your gonna die where he is revealed to be a member of his own gang.He has a girlfriend named Asuka Hingami who leads the yakuza who he killed in the mission 98 Go for the throat[The final mission] He is currently in jail.He is voiced by Gary Dourdan

Asuka Hinagamni is the leder of the Yakuza who was the ex-girlfriend of Mr.Halverson she is angry when he moves to the USA so she decides to move there and Runs her operations out of  Her dad's house in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn. She is killed in the final mission by her angry ex-boyfriend.She is voiced by Devon Aoki

The Spangled Mafia

Mr.Halverson's hired goons they commit crimes for him.

Sunny Bayez is the one who runs the illegal gambling ring.She is voiced by Olivia D'abo

Jill is the one who traffics in arms for him.She is voiced by Cote de Pablo it is also revealed she used to work for the mossad

Elena Kragen is the one who Helps out halverson wth Extortion.She is played by Pauley Perrette

Ling Fei is the leader of the triads and is introduced in mission 53 triad triad again.She is a ruthless women who kills people without remorse including family members.She is introduced to Troy at her horse farm along N.Conduit Blvd where it is revealed she gave them steroids.Troy attempts to arrest her for prostitution but she runs away after about an hour long car chase she is killed when a smirking Troy shoots her in the head. She is voiced by Ming-Na

Dex is the second in command of Ling Fei and is the older brother of Ling Fei.He is introduced in mission 53 where he oversees the horse injections.He kidnaps troy and holds him for ransom however Troy manages to kill him and leaves to go after Ling Fei.He is voiced by Tzi Ma and in mission 93 his skinless corpse is seen floating in the river where it is revealed he was killed with acid.

Donnie is an actor who hs a sinister secret he works for the triads as a hitmen.He is also the first and only american hitmen for the triads even though he does not have chinese ancestry.He appears in the 56th mission where he is ordered by Dex's father Yang to go kill Troy however he and yang are shot in the stomach by troy and glen.He is voiced by  Vin Diesel.

Layla Mackri is the leader of the gang named the high rollers she is a ruthless racist who cannot stand Troy beltram because he is black she makes repeated attempts to kill him but fails every time she sends her henchmen Rory Toth to kill him but Rory is killed when his back is broken and he gets run over by the 4 train at the utica ave station.She is killed by Glenda Magnus in mission 76. she is voiced by Rosamund Pike.

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