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Little Shop Horror is a 2011 Supernatural, Creature-Feature Horror Drama to be written by Burton's short Frankenweenie original writer Mary Shelly and written by Burton himself.

The film is to be directed by Tim Burton and star Lindsey Wixson, Janelle Hutchison, Roger Bart, Pat Boone, Tyler Perry, Jason Behr, Brendan Fehr, Idris Elba and Kay Panabaker.


A Narrator at the beggining of the film following some sad themed credits incants a terrifying tale of two beasts while the screen is black.

One the Harbingers an evil family of demons that whoever either crosses them or does an unspeakable act of evil that rivals their own becomes their target for soul harbinging.

Second the Illuri an evil plant oriented beast that targets grievers who committed a terrible act on someone in misery is targeted by the Illuri and forced to endure a misery of their own.

Following the narrators description of these two demons the scene flashes to a set of characters running frightened and all ending up at the same little shop.

The first character we see is a frightened teenage girl Ella Channing who is fleeing down an alley where knocks over potential rapist gang bangers from an unseen figure following her.

As she is leaving the alley in a hurry she notices a large shadow enlarge from an alley wall and a graffiti message being left behind.

The message upon completion then reads: "Love Thy Sister."

The scene then skims through a bunch of people all escaping from different areas near each other and the shop they wind up at, each having an omnious message be presented to them before reaching the shop.

The last two to wind up at the shop is a long haired tattoed man and a neck wounded man in his hands.

The shop occupant a welcoming woman helps them in and informs she used to be a paramedic.

As she helps stop the man's continous bleeding she instructs one a young female arriver at the shop and the first arriver to phone the paramedics and police.

The phone patches through for a couple of moments alerting a male officer and a male paramedic.

The power then shuts down and strange noises emnate from the walls and windows.

The doors to the shop and windows then bolt shut and freeze like ice so nothing can be seen on the outside by those inside or any one outside can see inside.

The next scenes sees an hour of tension as they learn about each other and what's going on.

The first arriver the female youth however remains quiet not telling her name.

Soon the thing that closed the doors and windows is revealed and the first blood is drawn: a woman (Amanda Righetti) who through the course of the strange hauntings from an unseen assailant was constantly screaming and hiding away in a corner.

For the group had gone and attempted to barge open a secret backexit and tasked her with looking after the injured man who is left bandaged on the floor.

As she goes to feel his hand his face becomes demonic and she falls onto the ground just as a largs scythe comes shooting through the floor.

The woman is stabbed through the chest with the scythe and her face becomes blue as her eyes' sides become red.

A Mark is also left on the left side of her head.

The next victim to die is a Roger Bart played character named Mark who is stabbed through the back of the throat with the scythe .

The third is the Tyler Perry character Wesley Stick who is compelled by the invisible assailant to tear the two sides of his chest off; taking of his chest skin.

The still alive characters become frantic now and try their hardest to open all possible ways of exit.

All of the group go looking for a potential exit apart from Jason Behr's character the one who brought his injured brother in as he stays holding him whilest looking at the dead bodies of three victims.

Three becomes four after Jason Behr's character Walter is dragged off by the rest of the group and strange vines erupt from the floor around his brother and then stab him.

The police and paramedics arrive at the shop and cant gain entry no matter what they try they also fail to establish a talking way with those trapped in the shop.

A fifth victim follows as the group divolges more of themselves and begin to learn what is attacking them and what's been following them.

The Lindsey Wixon character Amy Yarnfire then heads for the bathroom and sees a black energy in the toilet's mirror.

The group then look down as leaves are blown across the floor by wind and upon looking up then see a walking Amy ablaze.

Amy hits the ground and the group attempt to extinquesh the fire with the shop's extinquesher to no prevail.

The fire extinqueshes itself moments after the fire extinquesher goes empty.

The group then goes through the bodies and their own driver's licenses to find where they were born.

The group down to three are then confronted by five old dressed hovering ghosts with horrible demonic faces.

They reveal they Harbingers demonic collectors of souls and read the names of who they want.

The flower shop occupant and Walter relealize their names not be on there and question.

The Harbingers answer with them not being desired by them and the flower shop occupant not desired at all.

The quiet girl stands up from the corner she was cowering in upon hearing about this.

The flower shop occupant is told that if she goes for the front door it will open for her; and only her.

As she thanks them and heads in the direction the quiet girl grabs her and begins to finally talk.

She says the cant leave and then looks behind in her shock as the weird vines now emnating red eyes advance.

She throws the occupant at them as they spring forward and watches as they impale her.

The Harbingers glance at the Kay Panabaker Quiet Girl character and smile while going toward her.

The paramedic and the police officer called by Amy approach the sealed up shop's door and attempt to break it themselves.

The Harbinger's close in on the Quiet Girl as Walter watches in horror.

Just as they do the paramedic deals one kick to the door's window and it breaks.

All the windows of the shop then follow smashing.

Time slows and the viney monster reveals itself and it be to the Illuri here for Walter and his brother for what they did to Angela Harmon.

Walter closes his eyes and nods as the vines engulf him.

The paramedic and the policeman come charging in as time becomes normal again and discover all the bodies.

The policeman finds a brown case file on the ground of the shop and opens it finding pictures of most of the victims and what they've done.

It is revealed most of them a bombing killing innocent people which involved the quiet girl now revealed to named Kerry Turner, Amy Yarnfire, Mark Vanderson, and Wesley Stick.

The policeman assembles they were the group selected by the Harbingers.

The paramedic heads outside and sees another case file sitting on a clogged drain.

As he goes to pick it up vines shoot out from the drain and clench his hand.


  • Janelle Hutchison as Nora Turnflower/ The Flower Shop Occupant
  • Lindsey Wixson as Amy Yarnfire
  • Kay Panabaker as Kerry Turner/ The Quiet Girl
  • Roger Bart as Mark Vanderson
  • Tyler Perry as Wesley Stick
  • Jason Behr as Walter Park
  • Brendan Fehr as Anthony Park/ Injured Brother
  • Michael Bailey Smith as the voice of Illuri
  • Idris Elba as Finn Appleby/ The Paramedic
  • Pat Boone as John Jurson/ The Policeman
  • Amanda Righetti as Lisa Clarke/ The Screaming Woman


  • Tahlia Davis a retired actress appearing only in the old film Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde was to originally play Nora the Flower Shop Occupant but was replaced by Saw VI actress Janelle Hutchison
  • Johnny Depp veteran Tim Burton actor attended the Los Angelas Premier of Little Shop Horror and later after an advance screening credited the film as the scariest film he has ever seen, that it will Sam Raimi a run for his money and has a brilliant premise that newcomers and oncomers will bathe in

The Harbingers and Illuri

The characters entrapped in Nora Turnflower's Little Garden shop are separated in three groups:

  • The Harbinger's: Those selected by the Harbingers for an evil explosion they comitted or covered up which took many innocent lives
  • The Illuri's: Anthony Park was the boyfriend of a woman named Angela Harmon who his brother Walter had an obsession with, Walter eventually bedded Angela and then became enraged as the following week of which she had not been returning his calls or letters found her sitting on her bed with Anthony.

Unknowing to an enraged Walter Angela had been grieving on who to choose and had kept distant from not only him but Anthony as well until he came up and told her he knows somethings wrong.

Walter had gotten close to Angela as Anthony when to pull him away which caused Walter to set off a deadly hand reaction which snapped her neck.

Walter then pursued a shocked Anthony who walked outside and began walking onto a street (the same one as Nora Turnflower's Florist Shop) where he spouted off something about Angela to Walter enraging him even more.

Walter then directed a glass shard he had in pocket from a broken vodka bottle into the side of his throat.

Walter then realizing what he had done lifted up his brother and carried him into the nearby florist shop for help.

The Illuri a beast that goes after the souls of those who have killed someone in great grievance targets Walter and Anthony holding up in the same shop as the Harbingers.

  • None: The flower shop occupant is the only person held up in the store who is not targeted by Harbingers and the Illuri.

She was offered escape by the Harbingers at a later point following the carnage and was accidentally killed by the Illuri because of Harbinger target Kerry the Quiet Girl

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