Live and Die 4: Rising Action is the beta name for a new Live and Die video game to come out in 2013.


More will be added to this part/s of the article soon.

The year is 2061. By then, China is the main country in the world. Since China is Communist, American Communists have started the Second American Civil War in hopes of turning the current US government into a Communist state. With the help of China and the Colombian Drug Cartel, they have been very successful for they have gained control of all of the states west of the Mississippi River and also Minnesota and Louisiana, but not Alaska. Soon the People's Republic of America is formed by the Communists. Meanwhile, the government in Washington, D.C. has recently promoted four-star general Harry G. Tompson to five stars because Congress thought he could handle the war nicely. As the Communists sweep across the US, the latter sends troops to help the Chinese Nationalists fight the Chinese.

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