"Lone Guardian"

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Lone Guardian is an episode of G.I. Cop hunters.

Duke's F-18 protected by its shielding

Valkyries force shield activated


The Cop hunters rushed to save the Statue of Liberty from being destroyed and replaced with a statue of Narud. The Cop hunters dug in deep, built base defenses and finally ready the men for the anticipated attack from the evil cops. Duke was also on alert in case when his men cannot handle the attackers he will rush into battle in his F-18 with his thrusters to max torque and Gatling guns at full power. The evil cops then attacked but not alone. The Nazi cops that is in a war in Europe assisted the evil cops with 4 battleships in attempt to bombard the GI Cop hunters defenders from a safe distance. As the Nazi cops battleships bombard the entrenched troops Duke flies in in his F-18, shooting down evil flying police cars, destroying the amphibious multipurpose police cars and sank the 4 battleships threatening the Statue of Liberty but just when the attack is over and before the last battleship sinks it fires its missile at the Statue destroying it in the process. Narud then sends a message to tell the good guys to give it up and join the evil cops in getting rid of military worldwide or die. Duke and the Cop hunters then heads to fort Bradley when along the way they meet up with various Abrams heavy tanks and rescued them from being swarmed by Light tanks and evil police copters. After they make it to fort Bradley they then reactivate the base. General Hawk then ordered Duke and his men to fight and destroy the evil cops base before they send another battleship to destroy New York but the base is protected by anti air defenses so Duke lead his men in stopping the enemy cops from destroying New York. Duke sneaks into the evil cops base and after silently killing some cops with the help of Snake-Eyes he deactivate the defenses and ordered his men to launch an all out assault on the cops. As Abrams tanks and Apache helicopters destroy light tanks and police cars the F-18s shot Down the flying police cars and execute bombing runs on the base while Duke, Scarlet and Snake-Eyes escape the evil cops base thus sending the cops on a full retreat. New York was devastated but only a few building were left standing after the battle.


Hawk: The Legion of the evil cops and their Nazi Cops allies are attacking the Statue of Liberty. We can't allow them to get away with it. Duke is theres anything we can do?

Duke: That evil Sky Terror Squadron thinks they can protect their Nazi Battleships well wait till they see what my F-18 can do. Alright Valkyrie activate force field and stealth mode!

Abrams tank pilots: Duke we are under attack from Light tanks and evil police copters! We need assistance!

212th Battalion Tank driver: Alright tanks CHARGE!

501st Pilot: Yeehaw! Lets give em an air show boys! Pound those evil cops!


This episode is similar to the Red Alert 2 Allied mission Lone Guardian.