Harry Potter. Siruis Remus Potter is the boy who lived, and his brother lives in the shadows. Harry/Ginny


James Harry Potter and his wife Lily Rose Potter were seated next to the other husband and wife, Frank Neville and Alice Janet Longbottom. Albus Dumbledore had aranged a meeting with the couple when they had announced their pregnancy.

"What is this about Albus", James asked. "There has been a prophecy", Dumbledore said. "What about", Alice asked. "About your children and Voldermort".

Lily and Alice bursted into tears, and James looked angry. "What about them", he snapped. "Here is the prophecy given by Sybill Annabel Trelawney", he said.

"She's a fraud", Lily shouted. "She is. Me and Khyla were out shopping two weeks ago, and we decided to know about the future. She said that i would never have children, and look at this", she shouted. "But this is very true".

As they listened to the contents, James and Frank looked ill, and the woman were sobbing. "What will we do Albus", Frank asked. "The fidelous charm. I will be the secret keeper for both of you", he said.

"Okay", Lily sighed, as the five performed the charm.


"Good news Mrs. Potter. It seems like you are having twins", nurse Becca Smith beamed. Lily smiled. She was at the muggle hospital, as the death eaters were looking for her and James.

"What about the gender", Lily asked. "Both boys", she said. "Thank you".

Godric's Hallow, Lounge

"James, i can't handle this", Lily screamed as she gave birth to the twins. "Yes you can, baby. Yes you can", he said.

A couple of hours later, and Lily gave birth to Siruis Remus Potter and Harry James Potter. Harry was the eldest of the twins.

"I can't believe i gave birth to these beautiful babys", Lily whispered as she kissed them both on the forehead, not believing her luck.

Soon, it was Halloween, and the twins were sleaping. "I can't believe you think Remus is the spy", Lily said as she cooked their dinner with magic.

"Lily, think about it. He is a werewolf", James shouted. Lily turned around. "Fuck off James. All because he is a werewolf doesn't mean he's the traitor".

"Lils, we better get going to the order. Meeting starts in half a hour", he said. "James, don't you think it is a bit odd that we are holding the meeting at your place", Lily said.

"Doesn't matter". How wrong was he.

James, Lily and their children arrived at the Manor. As they stepped into the dining room, they saw Voldermort grinning at them.

"Lily run", James yelled. "Crucio", Voldermort shouted, and James shreiked in agony and pain as he collasped, sobbing.

Lily quickly rushed upstairs with the twins. Both were crying. Lily tried to apparate to the Burrow, but she soon relised Voldermort had put wards on the manor.

The door exploded, and Voldermort stepped in. He grinned at her face. "Please don't hurt my babys", Lily shouted. "Stand aside, you silly girl", he shouted.

"No, i won't let you", she shouted. "Crucio", and Lily dropped like a can of beans. Voldermort raised his wand at Siruis Jr. and Harry.

Siruis had James eyes, and his mother's hair, while Harry had Lilys eyes and his fathers hair. "Avada Kedarva", Voldermort said at Siruis Jr.

However, the curse rebounded, and it hit Voldermort on the head. Nobody noticed the charm Harry had used on his brother, which had caused the curse to rebound.

Siruis Remus Potter was declared the boy who lived that night, the only person knowen to survive the killing curse.

One: Wandless and Ginevra

Harry James Potter sighed as he finished rereading Hogwarts: A History for the hundreadth time. He carefully put the book back into the bookshelve.

He had spent most of his life in his room or in Potter Library. He was now eight, and was quite smart and intelligent for his age.

Harry swished his hand, and another book came flying to him. The History Of House Elfs. Harry sat on his bed while reading the book.

Harry had practised wandless magic since he was five. His Godfather, Remus John Lupin, had helped him do it. Remus was the only person who cared for him.

Ever since Siruis Remus Potter had defeated Voldermort, he was a hero of some sorts. His parents didn't like Harry at all and ignored him.

Their house elf, Zinky, also cared for him. She was the one who changed his diapers, she was the one who gave him food.

Harry looked up as the door opened. It was his father James. "You are to stay up here. It is Siruis Jr.s Birthday, and you are no to be ruining it", he sneered, and walked off.

Harry shrugged. It was his birthday also, but James and Lily would tend to ignore him during theses days. His only real present was his cat, Jingle.

The Female Cat was a Kneezle, and was quite useful for snooping around. "Jingle", Harry called out. Jingle jumped up to his lap.

"Go and stay at the library. You don't want the party to scare you, do you", he said. Jingle nodded and quickly sprinted off.

Harry continued to read his book as he heard screams of joy and laughter coming downstairs.

Meanwhile, Ginevra Molly Weasley was excited. She was going to meet the boy who lived. "Ginny, why don't you give Siruis Jr. his present", her mother, Molly Ginevra Weasley asked.

"Okay", she blushed. She gave the grinning Siruis Jr. her present. "It isn't much", she whispered. Nobody was looking as he opened his present.

"Chocolate Frog. One. That is pathetic", he whispered so no one could hear him. Ginny felt the tears in her eyes. "Get out of my sight. I'm the boy who lived".

She couldn't take it any more. She quickly sprinted from the room, and dashed upstairs. She was crying, and she didn't like it.

She then heard noises coming from the room opposite her. She crept towards the room and slowly opened it.

Harry was practising the Patrounus Charm, and an animal came from the wand. Ginny was amazed as a Phoneix came out of the wand, and flew around the room.

"Wow", Ginny whispered. Harry heard her, and turned around. The Patrounus disapeared. "Hello, who are you", Harry asked. "Ginny Weasley, who are you".

"Harry Potter", he said. "Oh, are you Siruis's brother", she asked. Harry nodded. "No offense, but i hate him", she said. Harry chuckled. "As do i".

Soon, both became quick friends, and Ginny and Harry read most of the books throughout that day. "You know Harry, do you have an owl", Ginny asked.

"No, have you", Harry asked. Ginny shaked her head. "Well, why don't i buy one. I can ask my godfather Remus. He cares for me, and he can take me to Gringotts".

"Lily", Molly said. "Yes Molly", Lily asked. "Where's Ginny. All the boys are waiting for her", she said. "I don't know".

Both women looekd around, and they heard laughing coming from Harry's bedroom. Lily suddenly froze. Molly was going to find out about their secret, Harry.

Molly opened the door. "Hello, who are you", she asked kindly. "Harry Potter, Siruis' twin brother", Harry said. "Why weren't you at the party Harry", she asked.

"Because he was sick", Lily lied. It was true in a way, as Harry had a headache. "Oh you poor darling. Ginny, is this boy your friend", she asked Ginny. "Yes Mummy. Can i visit him", she asked. Molly nodded, and turned to Lily. "Is that okay Lily". "Yes Molly".

One Week later, Harry told Remus about the owl situation, and both went to Gringotts. Harry got his money, and they walked to the Pet Shop.

Harry found a snowy white owl. "Ahh, if you want this one, you will have to take his bonded mate as well", came the shopkeepers voice.

"I will", Harry said. Remus chuckled.

Harry soon bought Godric and Hedwig, his owls. Apparently, it was mate season, as he was told when they left the shop. "There, you are going to have three owls", Remus grinned.

Chapter Two: Diagen Alley With Remus and Ginny

Harry rushed downstairs. Remus was waiting downstairs. He was going to purchase all his books and items and such as he was going to Hogwarts.

The only thing bothering him was Ginny, his best friend for three years. She was a year younger than him, and both were upset.

Godric and Hedwig had female Rowena. Harry was positive he was going to get sorted into Ravenclaw, as was Ginny, as both were smart.

"Are you coming", Remus asked. Harry nodded. James, Lily and Siruis Jr. were away in America, and were getting their things when they came back. Remus and Siruis took care of the Manor.

Harry remembered hearing about what happened to the fourth friend of the 'Marauders'. He had murdered Alice Longbottom and was sent to Azkaban.

Harry and Remus headed off to Ollivanders Wand Shop. "Hello Mr. Potter, lets see what kind of wand you shall have", he said.

Harry raised his first wand, but nothing came out of it. Soon, many and many came, until he finaly got one.

"Interisting", Ollivander mumbled. "What is it", Remus asked. "This wand is the brother of He Who Must Not Be Named's wand".

Harry and Remus purchased the wand, and they bought their books. Harry bumped into the Weasleys, and they started to talk.

Ginny, the youngest of the Weasleys, were his best friend. He didn't like Ron, who didn't like him. The Twins were okay, Percy was a snob, but he didn't know the eldest Bill and Charlie.

"Hello Remus Harry", Molly beamed. "Where's Arthur", Remus asked. "He's at work. Had to oblivate a couple of muggles", she said.

Harry and Ginny quickly dashed off to their favorite shop, the bookshop. "Here here", Harry whispered as both ran into the back of the library.

"Oh look at this", Ginny said as she picked up a book. "How to know your Soul Mate", she said. "Want to try", Harry asked. "Do you think we would be", she raised her eyebrows.

"Maybe, come on. What's the spell", Harry asked. "Um, lets see. Soulpius bondis", she said.

Soulpius Bondis.

Something started to glow between the two. "Harry what is happening", a frightened Ginny asked. The glow was pure green, which nearly blinded both of them.

Merlin i'm scared.

Ginny, was that you.

Harry, we can read thoughts.

We are soul mates then. That means we are bonded.

Come on, we better purchase this and read it.

Harry and Ginny quickly ran away, leaving the glow, and purchased the book. They hid it and Harry asked Remus and Mrs. Weasley if Ginny can come with him. "Sure".

Harry and Ginny quickly dashed upstairs. They closed the door, and read the book.

If the person glows, and you glow, you are soul bonded. If you do not have physical contact with each other when you sleap, you will suffer in pain, and you will eventualy die. The Last Soul Bonding was connected to Nicolas Flamel and his wife. Their bonding nearly destroyed them both, so they made the Philisopher's Stone to mark their safty.

"Harry", Ginny whispered. "We will have to tell my parents and Remus. All we will die", both of their eyes widened. They were in deep trouble now.

Chapter Three: Telling The Parents and Remus

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