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Lost Memories is a romance series centering on six Girls and the romance Between Danielle and Len which grows stronger as the series progesses


Set in the city of Gekido, Six Girls find out they have powers, the girls use they powers to project they homecity, what evil they will encounter


The McCombs FamilyEdit

Danielle McCombs - a 23 year old woman, girlfriend of Len

Flora McCombs - a 18 year woman, Danielle's sister

The Shion FamilyEdit

Miku Shion (nee Hatsune) - a 24 year old woman, wife of Kaito and mother of their daughter Serena Shion

Kaito Shion - a 24 year old man, husband of Miku and father of their daughter Serena Shion

Serena Shion - a 9 year old child, daughter of Miku and Kaito

The Akita FamilyEdit

Neru Akita - a 20 year old girl, girlfriend of Taito and the expecting mother of they unborn daughter

The Kagamine FamilyEdit

Rin Kagamine - a 16 year old girl, Len's sister

Len Kagamine - a 23 year old man, Rin's brother and Danielle's boyfriend

The Yowane FamilyEdit

Mato Yowane - a 25 year woman, sister of The Deceased Haku and Akaito's girlfriend


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

Season 6Edit

Triva Edit

Effects are used for the series

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