Lotso is the tertiary antagonist of Fantasia in the 100 Acre Wood 2. He is a pink teddy bear who plotted to rule the 100 Acre Wood. Lotso smelled like strawberries - But - He is cruel hateful heartless evil and corrupt. Lotso appeared in The 100 Acre Wood Video Game series as a boss.

  • Character Information

  • Other Names - Lotso Huggin Bear

  • Personality - mean. rude. evil. hateful. cruel.

  • Goal - To take over the forest

  • Home - Spoonerville

  • Friends - Andy's Toys (formely). Zira. Firebird. His Gang

  • Enemies - Woody Pride. Buzz Lightyear. Jessie. Rex. Hamm. Slinky Dog. Winnie the Pooh. Piglet. Tigger. Simba. Nala. Timon. Pumbaa. Spring Sprite. Bambi

  • Minions - His Gang

  • Likes - Bein in charge. Getting his way. Power

  • Dislikes - Not getting his way. Pooh Bear

  • Weapons - Mallet used as a cane

  • Fate - Escaped to a Landfill and gets strapped to the grille of a garbage truck as a punishment for all of his wicked deeds.

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