Louie is one of the newcomers to the Penguins of Madagascar TV show

Ability to talk to animalsEdit

After being hit by Kowalski's invention that can give humans the ability to talk to non-human animals (evidently), Louie is Able to talk to animals, and Has sinice then been pretty much of an ally to them ever since

Zombie AliasEdit

In his normal state, Louie is voiced by Candi Milo.

But when Louie gets hit by lightning, he becomes a hungry zombie who is always after Kowalski's brain

During this zombie state, he is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker


  • One time, Louie disguised himself as a female Lemur named Yazmin so he could sneak into the lemur habitat and push the lemurs down the volcano
  • A runnig gag in each episode in which Louie appears in, Luoie gets hurt in varrying ways

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