Louis Banks

Real Name Louis Banks
Height 5'11"
Weight 176 lbs.
Resides Earth
Origin Earth
First Appearance Dead World
Species Human
Allies Surviving Humans
Enemies Zombies



Baseball Bat

Fighting Styles Unknown
Alignment Good

Louis is a character orininally created by Mack4life to be used for the Fire series. But since the Fire series has been cancelled, he is under MJC100's ownership, and is the main protogoinst of Dead World.


Early LifeEdit

Louis was once a buissness man that always sold houses. He one day joined a biker gang and they were called, the Westside Rollers. He had studied in creating motorcycles and cars. He was also known for his street races and real races.

Dead WorldEdit

But when the virus that causes people to turn into Zombies, Louis is on of the last humans on the Earth. He tries to find a way to kill all the zombies or find a cure for this, he has been battling them with his signature baseball bat. He also uses guns and fists, but with a baseball bat, the zombies don't stand a chance.


  • Due to him being a normal human, he poseses no no powers, but for abilities:
    • Can't be infected be the zombies that easily.
    • Can massive durability.
    • Is into machanics.
    • Uses many weapons with his favorite, the baseball bat.
      Louis Baseball Bats

      Louis' Baseball bats by Braz.


Dead World

Ultimo X Fighter

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