Louis Banks

Louis Banks

Louis' main appearence.

Debut Dead World (???)
Availability Starter
Speed C


Louis Banks , the main character of Dead World, is another character that makes it in Ultimo Fighter.



Louis Banks Hits Owlman across the face with his baseball bat then making Owlman fall while he gets sent back to hell. Louis that feels rumbling on his feet and sees tons infected charging twords him.

Louis then looks at his bat and throws it to the ground then charges at the infected with his fists.


Louis Banks was just once trying to get his mom to the hospital, until everyone that was sick got infected by a strange flu. Louis is so far the only survivor andmust rid the world of infected.

Battle Quotes

  • "You look infected."
  • "Send me back to my universe!"
  • "Fight!"
  • "Come on!"
  • Show me all your strength."
  • "Swing batter-batter SWING!"
When facing certain characters
  • (when facing Christina)"Whaoh, are you a vampire"
  • (when winning against Christina)"That was the easiest infected to beat.."
  • (when facing Ultimo X) "I'm bout to defeat you, savior."
  • (when winning against Ultimo X) "You should've saved us from thw infected."


  • Three strong punches.
  • Overhead punch.
  • Strong uppercut.
  • Body blows to the gut.
(Many more, but not to be displayed).
Special Attacks
  • Flash Bomb: Louis throws a flash grenade that blinds the opponent. It can be thrown in place or at a distance.
  • Swing Batter-Batter: Louis takes out his bseball bat and swings at his opponent making the opponent fly.
  • Shotgun Shot: Louis pulls out his automatic shotgun and shoots the opponent with it.
  • Pistol Shot: Deathstroke fires at his opponent with his gun. It could be shot 10 times before reload.
Hyper Combo (Finishers)
  • Zombie Takedown: Louis socks the opponent three times in the gut then grabs the opponents head, then charges at infected and making the opponent getting hit by infected.
  • Coming soon: Coming soon

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