Love is an friends fanfiction.Ross and Rachel are happily married and are expecting twins.When an face from the past turns up,Ross relises he has an choice to make.

One Emily Is BackEdit

Rachel Green walked along with the crowd at the mall,Hoping to get out as fast as possible.The shop Rachel was in got set on fire,Which resulted in an man burning to his very soul."Come on",An woman with an brittish accent could be heard among the chaos."Wait a minute",Rachel spoke outloud.That sounded like Emily Waltham,Ross' ex wife.

Meanwhile,Ross and Monica were seen in Monica's kitchen,Talking about Rachel's babys."It's twins",Monica smiled."Yeah",Ross and Monica hugged."I get to be an aunt.Again",Monica grinned."I know",Ross replyed Monica's usual catchphrase.

Two hours later and Rachel got in at Monica and Chandler's."Hey guys",Rachel smiled as she dropped the shopping bags."What happened",Monica and Ross asked at the same time."Well,There was an fire alarm at the mall.And guess who i heard among the crowd",Rachel explained."Who",Monica asked."Emily"

"Emily,As is my second wife Emily",Ross asked her.He was boiling up with anger in the inside."Yeah,She saw me and saw how big i was.She was jealous",Rachel kissed Ross on the lips."But why is she here",Ross asked her.

"I don't flipp-",Rachel was cut off when the door slammed open.It was Emily and she was looking at them all."Ross,I love you.Please take me back.Please",Emily started to cry,But Rachel knew they were fake tears."Stop your faking,Miss",Rachel glared at Emily.

"Don't fall in love with that bitch.Fall in love with me",Emily was on her knees and taking out an ring out of her pocket.Monica was in shock,Rachel was rubbing her eyes and Ross just stared at her."Ross,I love you.Take me back",She smiled at Ross."I'm married to Rachel.I've had an kid with her and expecting two more",Ross could not believe her.

"Well,You had a child to",Emily snapped."What",Ross was in disbelief.First it was Ben.Next Emma,The twins and now his unknowen child.Five children and two were mistakes."I know,Look at Ross.See he has your eyes",Emily smiled evily as she showed him the picture.Rachel noticed this.

Two KnifeEdit

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