Love Is Cold with Vanilla Ice is an American reality television dating game show. It features the rapper Vanilla Ice/Robert Van Winkle trying to find love in a similar way to Flavor of Love and Rock of Love. Robert ultimatley chose Stacy.

Show formatEdit

The show is like Flavor of Love and Rock of Love, Vanilla Ice gets 20 ladies to live in a mansion with him in Los Angeles and compete for his love. Only fifteen ladies moved into the mansion.


"Cool Loving"Edit

First aired February 9, 2010

The 20 girls arrive at Robert’s LA mansion and receive the news that they are all invited to a BBQ inside. Robert meets all the girls, and gives them the news that there are only 16 beds in the house. Four girls will go home, and with a date with Robert up for grabs, the claws come out. After the BBQ Robert announces that eliminations will occur in two hours and that four ladies will be going home. At eliminations Robert calls out Kandice, Jessika, Marya, Nikki, Stacy, Hannah, Adele, Jasmine, Britney, Stacey J, Karli, Whitney, Dina, and Courtney and presents them with their VIP Passes. He then calls out the remaining six ladies, and chooses Annastasia and Larina. Vannessa, Emelia, Tashonda and Keyla are eliminated. In her interview Nikki is overjoyed that Emelia has been sent home, and says "good riddance to that skanky b***".

  • Bottom 6: Vannessa, Emelia, Tashonda, Keyla, Annastasia, Larina
  • Eliminated: Vannessa, Emelia, Tashonda, Keyla

Elimination Reasons

  • Vanessa: Robert had hardly talked to Vanessa, and felt she needed to put herself out to make a connection.
  • Emelia: Robert felt she was innocent for him, and he needed a girl with a wacky side.
  • Tashonda: Robert felt Tashonda was too crazy and consumed to much alcohol for him.
  • Keyla: Keyla interupted Robert's group date and he also felt no real chemistry.

"Those Girls"Edit

First aired February 16, 2010

The remaining girls compete in the Love Is Cold Girl-athon, and the winner will receive some alone time with Robert. Four girls will be eliminated, and Robert has some hard and easy choices. Nikki wins the Girl-athon, Kandice comes second, and Adele third. All three girls then go on a group date with Robert, and he gets to no them. Later, Nikki accuses Adele of "intruding on her and Robert's private time" and threatens to tell Robert. At eliminations Robert gives passes to Jessika, Marya, Nikki, Stacy, Hannah, Adele, Jasmine, Britney, Stacey J, Karli, Whitney, and Kandice. He then calls out the other girls (Dina, Courtney, Annastasia, Larina) and says they didn't step it up enough.

  • Bottom 6: Annastasia, Larina, Dina, Courtney, Marya, Hannah
  • Eliminated: Annastasia, Larina, Dina, Courtney

Elimination Reasons

  • Annastasia: Robert felt Annastasia was too innocent, and he needed a strong girl.
  • Larina: Robert felt there was a language barrier between him and Larina, and noted how she pronounced sexual words with her accent in his interview.
  • Dina: Dina hadn't tried in the challenge and Robert felt that she wasn't his type.
  • Courtney: Courtney threatened Nikki after the group date and Robert didnt like a violent girl.

"Robert's Icy Calendar"Edit

First aired February 23, 2010

The remaining ladies pose for Robert's personal calendar in a sexy photo shoot. After he picks his top three (Kandice, Nikki, Adele) they all go on a group date and Robert gets to know them a bit better, and "connects his tongue" with Kandice's. But he has some hard decisions when he gets back to the mansion, as three more girls have to go. At eliminations he hands out passes to everyone else, and calls down Stacey J, Whitney, Karli, Britney, Jasmine, and Hannah. He first gives a pass to Hannah, then Adele, then Jasmine before having to make his last choice. He chooses Britney over her twins sister, and eliminates Whitney, Stacey J, and Karli.

  • Bottom 6: Stacey J, Whitney, Karli, Britney, Jasmine, Hannah
  • Eliminated: Stacey J, Karli, Whitney

Elimination Reasons

  • Stacey J: Robert felt she was too young and naive, and said in another world they might have been.
  • Karli: After thinking, Robert felt no real connection with Karli.
  • Whitney: Robert was more attracted and connected to Whitney's twin sister, Britney.

"Dirty Derby"Edit

First aired February 30, 2010

The remaining girls compete in a derby race to see who can fight the fiercest for Robert's love. One winner emerges, the "athletically superior" Kandice and Robert treats her to a solo date on the beach. Later he is faced with another hard decision as two more girls have to leave. At eliminations he gives the first pass to Kandice, then Hannah, then Nikki, then Jessika. He calls down Britney, Jasmine, and Hannah, and decides to give the pass to Britney.

  • Bottom 6: Britney, Jasmine, Hannah, Nikki, Adele, Jessika
  • Eliminated: Adele, Jasmine

Elimination Reasons

  • Adele: Robert felt a connection from day one, but also felt he and Adele could'nt cross the friendship line.
  • Jasmine: Robert felt a disconnect often with her, and beyond the physical attraction there was'nt anything more.

"The Ex-Effect"Edit

First aired March 6, 2010

Robert brings the remaining girl's ex's into the picture to see which of the girls is truthful and here for the right reasons. He learns some shocking things about some of girls, and once again must make a hard decision. He defends Stacy against her ex-boyfriend Geoff, who was never there for their son, and he has trouble getting to the bottom of why Jessika has cheated fifteen times on her ex Mike before he finally dumped her. At eliminations Robert gives passes to Nikki, Stacy, Hannah, and Britney, and calls down Kandice and Jessika. He eliminates Jessika because she had been untruthful in other relationships.

  • Bottom 6: All the girls were in the Bottom 6.
  • Eliminated: Jessika

Elimination Reasons'

  • Jessika: Jesika's boyfriend said she was untruthful and thought that Robert would'nt like a girl like her.

"Family Matterz"Edit

First aired March 13, 2010

Robert journeys to the homes of the remaining girls to see how he and their families will get along. He feels right at home with some, but awkard with others. Once again another must leave. At eliminations he gives passes out to Nikki, Stacy and Kandice, then calls down Hannah and Britney. He ultimately eliminates Britney, after feeling some animosity from Whitney during his visit to their home.

  • Bottom 2: Britney, Hannah
  • Eliminated: Britney

Elimination Reasons

  • Britney: Felt a disconnect when being with her family, as if they all held a grudge for eliminating Whitney earlier on.

"Viva Las Vegas"Edit

First aired March 20, 2010

Robert takes the final four (Nikki, Stacy, Kandice, and Hannah) to Las Vegas for some relaxation, and partying. He takes each of them out on a solo date to see who he ultimately wants to stay into the final two. At eliminations Hannah turns up drunk, and offends Robert, so he eliminates her on the spot. In her interview she is barely intelligable.

  • Bottom 2: None, Hannah was eliminated for being drunk at eliminations
  • Eliminated: Hannah

Elimination Reasons

  • Hannah: Turned up to eliminations drunk, and Robert had enough of her drunk behaviour, saying she was "too much" of a partier

"Dating To A New Level"Edit

First aired March 27, 2010

Staying in Vegas with his final three, Robert takes them on solo dates again to really get to know them and see who he feels the strongest towards. At eliminations he decides to eliminate Nikki, as he felt a stronger connection to the other two girls.

  • Bottom 2: Nikki, Kandice
  • Eliminated: Nikki

Elimination Reasons

  • Nikki: Robert felt stronger towards the other two girls

"I Love U Robert"Edit

First aired April 4th, 2010

Robert takes his final two on a last date to see who he wants to be his love. He makes his decision on the beaches of New Mexico, where he ultimately chooses Stacy as his new love.

  • Robert's Choice: Stacy
  • Eliminated: Kandice

Elimination Reasons

  • Kandice: Robert felt more connection with Stacy.

"Vanilla's Reunion Show: The Love Is Cold Reunion"Edit

First aired April 11th 2010

The original 20 girls (excluding Tashonda) return for a reunion, hosted by Russell Simmons. Chaos and fighting ensues, and we find out if Robert and Stacy are still together.

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