Love is In The Air? is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.


Rigby is gonna need help from the real Love God to use on Juliuo and Janice.



  • Juliuo and Janice become a couple.


  • Johnny Empr'r: For the next story...
  • Billy Joe Cobra: We play a big part!
  • Cupid: Wait! Who are you?
  • Billy Joe Cobra: I'm Billy Joe Cobra.
  • Love God: And I'm the Love God. Just watch, you'll see.
  • Cupid: I am really cool. I also play a big part in the next one!
  • Johnny Empr'r: Please take this seriously.
  • Cupid: Okay.
  • Cool Shades: Mordecai and the rest, while the last party was good, they think it was a little bit disappointing.
  • Billy Joe Cobra: They plan a party once again, and they'll try their best to make it the best Valentines Day party ever with help from Cupid.
  • Darryl: Uh... Yes. Their planning for the dance. They are also going to sing a song!
  • Cupid: Wait a moment! Sometimes things sound too good to be true. See! The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited! Love is (100%) in The Air!
  • Billy Joe Cobra & Love God: Watch it, okay?
  • Ballroom Ghosts & Cupid: Look forward to it!
  • (End of Teaser)


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