&nbsp Low lifes is the story about Drug dealer Kofi Arkans and his rise to fame in the 1980's it also details his downfall at the hands of Det.Armane Bonds.It is scheduled to be released on Oct.31st 2008

Terry Crews-Kofi Arkans

Al Pachino-Det.Armane Bonds

Armando Riesco-Det.Darius Guiterrez

Sophie Marceau-Marcie

Geoffrey Holder-James Arkans

Michael Gorevoy-Det.Rainn Malakov

Christopher Walken-Det.Frederick Lupo

Ice T- Ryan Creschando

Ruby Dee-Julia Elzabeta Arkans

Ray Liotta-Det.Frankie Goterelli

Eddy Murphy-Leroy Christiansen

Antonio Banderas-Gabor The sexy spaniard

Claudio Santamaria-Leo Leone

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