Harry Potter. James and Lily Potter survived that Halloween night. Harry/Ginny


The Lone Figure of Lord Voldermort slowly walked to the house. "I've got you now", he muttered. He grinned as he raised his wand.

The front door blasted open. "Lily, get Harry and Holly and apparate", James Potter yelled. It was clear the man was afraid for his family.

"Welcome, Potter. Where is young Harry Potter, Pettigrew has told me all about him", Voldermort taunted. "Shut up, Snake face", James shouted.

Voldermort raised his wand. "Crucio", and James screamed in agony and pain as he collapsed. Voldermort walked to the wand, and stamped on it. Snap.

James soon fell unconscious, and Voldermort slowly walked up stairs. He saw the baby blue nursery. "Mudblood, give me the boy", he hissed.

Lily Rose Potter turned around, fearing for her life. "No, you bastard", she screamed. She was holding baby Harry James Potter, the one who will be murdered by Voldermort.

"Tell you what. You and baby Holly can escape alive, if you give me the boy", he said. "I would do that when hell freezes over", Lily said smoothly.

"Crucio", and with that, Lily collasped along with Harry, screaming in pain. Voldermort heard Holly Lily Potter cry in the next room.

Harry stared up at the man in wonder. "Dada", he mumbled, looking at Voldermort in eyes. "I'm not your father, fool. Avada Kedarva", he hissed.

The killing curse hit Harry on the head, but bounced back and hit Voldermort. Voldermort screamed in pain and with in an flash, his wand fell and he was gone.

Lily awoke, and relised the house was on fire. She put the fire out, and picked up Harry. "No, Harry", she screamed, fearing the worse.

However, she saw Harry crying, and an scar shaped like an lightening bolt on his forehead. "No", she whispered.

She picked up Harry, and walked out of the room. "Voldermort, where are you you sick son of an bitch", she screamed. She heard crys coming from Holly's room.

She opened the door, still carrying Harry. She saw the three month old baby stop crying when she saw Lily. Lily picked up Holly, and walked down stairs.

"James", she whispered. She saw James lying on the floor, unconscious. "James", Lily cried. James awoke at the mention of his name.

"Lily, thank god you are alright. Where is he, where's Harry", he said. He noticed Harry and Holly. "What happened to him", James asked.

"I don't know. His wand is upstairs, but other than that, he isn't there", Lily cried. "Lily, where did Harry get the scar", James asked.

"He survived the killing curse", Lily sobbed.

Later that night, James Andrew Potter and Lily Rose Potter asked Molly Sarah Weasley if she could babysit. "Sure, he can play with Ron", Molly said.

James and Lily went to St.Mungos, and checked in for the night. Rubeus Grawp Hagrid went to the Cottage, and found out James and Lily and Harry and Holly were not there.

Hagrid bursted into tears. "No", he whispered. Then he saw a note on the table. He picked it up and read it.

To Siruis and Remus

Me, Lily and the children have escaped. You-Know-Who has found us, thanks to the scum Peter. I have gave Harry and Holly to the Weasleys, and me and lily have checked into Mungos. Anyway, we just wand you to know, Harry was hit by the killing curse, but has survived. We don't know what happened.

From James Andrew Potter

P.S Don't run and kill Peter guys. You might kill him or worse.

Hagrid sighed in relief. "Thank God them a'right", he mumbled.

Meanwhile, Frank Neville Longbottom and his wife Alice Patricia Longbottom were running away from the death eaters. "We have to get to my mums", Frank whispered to her. She nodded.

They had left Neville Frank Longbottom at Augusta Selena Longbottom. Lord Voldermort and his death eaters were trying to kill Nevile and the Potter's son, Harry.

They rushed inside the Mansion. Augusta smiled as she saw them. "Neville said another word. Grandma", she beamed, oblivious to the chaos.

"Not now, Mother. They had found an way into the wards", just then, there was a explosion which erupted outside. "THA LONGBOTTOMS, YAH", they heard Bellatrix Areo Lestrange yelled in excitement.

"God, get to the floo, Now", Augusta screamed as the death eaters smashed in. "Avada Kedarva", Lestrange yelled and Augusta fell to the floor, dead.

"NOO", Frank yelled. Alice grabbed Frank and they rushed to the bedroom where Neville was. "Frank, apparated to the Burrow", She told Frank. Frank waited for her as she apparated with Neville.

Alice found herself lying on the floor with Neville. "My word, Alice", came the voice of Molly Weasley. "Death eaters, found us", she said before she fainted.

However, Frank Longbottom never returned.

The next day, Lily was trying to console Alice while James was talking to Arthur Bill Weasley. Harry was playing with Ron Bilius Weasley.

Holly was sharing an cot with Ginny Molly Weasley. Whenever Harry was near Ginny, both got an tickling feeling.

Chapter One, AftermathEdit

James, Lily and Alice were in St. Mungos. "My Neville and my new baby won't see his daddy", Alice wept as Lily hugged her.

"Mrs. Longbottom", came the healer. "That's me", Alice whispered as she got up and walked to the room. "Poor Alice", Lily said. James nodded.

Alice went inside the room, and sobbed as she saw her husband. Frank looked at her with confused looks. "Hello Miss. Have i met you before", he asked.

Frank had most of his memory oblivated by Bellatrix, her husband and brother in law. Only Barty Crouch Jr. had escaped.

"Yes, we have been married and we have an son. I'm pregnant", she confessed. "Pregnant you say. What is that, is that a new broom make", he asked innocently.

Alice bursted into tears and ran off. She saw James and Lily, and ran off.

"Poor Alice".

Harry was close to Ron, the twins, Charlie and Bill. However, he didn't get along with Percy, as he was too boring, and Ginny was only a baby.

However, every time he was near her, there was a odd sort of feeling. "I wanna", he begged as Molly saw him trying to touch Ginny.

"Okay, deer", Molly said. She made sure Harry was careful with Ginny. There was a odd sort of relief, happiness and brilliantness in the room the moment Harry touched Ginny.

Molly didn't notice the purple glow around Harry and Ginny.

Chapter Two, Platform Nine and 3/4'sEdit

Harry was a bright wizard for his age. He had read most of the books in Potter Library and had reread Hogwarts: A History about five times.

He was very much like his father, but had his mother's eyes and brains. He wore glasses like his father. Holly was the same, except she had her father's personality but looked like her mother but had her father eyes.

Harry had two pets. A kneezle named Rowena and a snowy white owl named Hedwig. Holly had a normal cat named Flower.

Harry could also speak to snakes, and he kept one in the woods. He never told his parents, only his godfather knew.

Siruis Orion Black was his godfather, while Holly's godfather was Remus Brian Lupin. Remus was a werewolf.

Harry was reading a book when he heard his mother calling out for him. "Breakfest", she yelled. Harry rushed downstairs, and grabbed a slice of toast.

Harry got changed and showered, and waited patiently for his parents and Holly by reading Salazar's Slytheren's History.

He heard James and Lily walking downstairs. "Ready son", James asked. "As ready as can be", Harry said. "Good, we will meet with the Weasleys when we get there".

Harry was best friends with Ron and Ginny. Harry had developed a crush on her, but hasn't told anyone. Harry is also friends with the twins, although he was in speaking terms with Percy.

Arthur and Molly, the parents, were like second parents to him.

The Potters found them, and Harryy greeted Ron. Harry and Ron were amazed at the train, even though Ron had seen it dozens of times.

Harry waved out the window as the train stalked off. Harry and Ron started to talk, waiting for their journy at Hogwarts to begin.

Chapter Three, The Sorting HatEdit

Next time. Harry is sorted into a house, but it ain't Gryffindor.

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