Ludish City
Political information
Type of government

City/Army Guard

Head of State

Korr Luger; Arsa Luger

Head of Government

Korr Luger


Lex Nodicin

Societal information
Official language


State religious body

Nine Devines

National holiday

Ludish Day


"Hearts of Ludish City"

Historical information
Formed from

Start: Second Age

Date of dissolution

Start: Third Age


Second; Third

Ludish City is a major city in the country of Tamriel. It is the largest city in Tamriel, and holds the most shops, houses, farms, services, and citizens. Ludish is located southwest of Imperial City, capital of Tamriel. The Great Wall of Ludish circles the City, with the Ludish Palace rsting in the middle. Ludish City is currently under control of Arsa Luger, after her brother, King Korr Luger's, death near the end of the Second Age.


Ludish City's Guard force is provided by the Ludish City Guard, or L.C.D. They helped Ludish City through many battles and fought along side King Korr Luger. After Korr's death at the hands of his sister, Arsa Luger, consumed control. Lex Nodicin is the Captain of the Guard, serving directly under the King/Queen.


Ludish City Battle, Part 1

Just before the end of the Tamriel-Oblivio war, King Korr Luger lead one last desperate defense battle against the threats of Oblivion. While the Imperial Legion was occupied by their Imperial City battle with Oblivion's main forces, Ludish encountered and battles Oblivion's other half of evil supporters. Among the supporters, were the dozens of Mythic Dawn, Dark Brotherhood,and Theives Guild members, thousands of Golblin Warriors, and a hundred thousand of Oblivions Deadre warriors. King Korr lead only an army of fifty thousands, less than a half of their enemies army. Even though they had less soldiers, the armies of Ludish managed to preveal several hours, as all of Ludish's archers stood on top of the Great Wall of Ludish and fired upon the invaders. Unfortunatly for them, when the Mythic Dawn agents arrived, they used Magika to kill of most of the Ludish defending archers. They then cast a powerful spell on the gate of the Great Wall, destroying the entrance. This was all the armied of Oblivion needed, as they swept through, killing all in their path. It was then when King Korr, accompanied by eight thousand mounted and armed horsemen, charged into the army of Oblivion. Even though they had the advantage of being mounted, the Ludish calvary soon was depleted to a low armount. King Korr then commanded the remaining calvary to fall back to the next level.

Ludush City Battle, Part 2

After leaving the first level of the city, King Korr and his one hundred horsemen fell back to the second level, while the armies of Oblivion shreaded through the first levels remaining defenders. After another two hours, the first level of Ludish City had been captured by Oblivion's supporters. Then, Oblivion's armies infultrated the second level of the City, and after a fell hours, it fell under their control. Now, all that remained to capture, was the Ludish Palace standing in the middle. In the center of the Palace, at the top of Ludish Tower, stood King Korr. The King the removed his battle helmet, and looked down at the remaining twenty thousand Ludish soldeirs. The King then unsheathled his sword and held it high. His men who stood ninety feet below him in a four row formation charged and lead their last stand against Oblivion. Korr then Magicly jumped down and joined the battle. He decapitated the leader of the Mythic Dawn, and impaled the man who was leading the Dark Brotherhood in the battle. It was then when Korr's sister, Arsa, stabbed Korr in the heart. It is then revealed that is was Arsa who sided with and betrayed Ludish, and lead the Oblivion assult on Ludish City.


Arsa Luger remained in control over Ludish City for over sixty years, until she died and her son took control. Arsa served Oblivion, and Ludish City was the only place after the Tamriel-Oblivio Wars to remain under Oblivion's control. Unlike other Oblivion follower locations, Ludish City doesn't have the dark, volcanic appearance. Ludish was rebuilt just the way it was, and a large statue of Korr Luger lingers in front of the Ludish Palace. The statue shows Queen Arsa bending down at her dead brother's side, with Korr's sword still in his hand.

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