The world of Lycan contains various countries and locations that have been introduced to the audience so far.

Lycan map00001

The government in the world of Lycan range from Monarchy to Republic's where there are a total of 69 countries. Modern items are seen throughout the series, such as movie theaters, cameras and even modern life-support systems. Computers however are not present, as are video game consoles. In spite of the clearly modern age items present, military technology does not seem to be on the same level. Infantry and Calvary military technology seems to be medieval in nature, while transportation technology spanning to the 19th century,ironclad warship being an example; however, allows them to simulate more advanced technology like semi-automated catapults. The level of communication technology is portrayed rather inconsistently; on multiple occasions the characters will use short-range radios, yet carrier birds are the primary use for communication between cities and countries.

The Four Great Nations

Of the countries scattered about the Naruto world, four are considered to be the most powerful and influential of them all.

These are the Kingdom of Armentria, the Republic of Zanzaba, the Earth Kingdom and the Nihon Empire. Each represents one of the four elements (Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire, respectively) and each is home to the Kages.

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