MK3's Poops (series 1)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 10 estimated
Original channel DailyMotion
Original run 18 December – 30 December 2011
Series chronology
PreviousNone NextSeason Two (2012)

Season One of MK3's Poops first aired on 18 December 2011, the first episode was a trailer mocking iCarly


  1. iBreak Windows On New Year's Eve
  2. The Cookie Monster Annoys A Person
  3. I'm Happy Bob, HAPPY
  4. The Cookie Monster Speaks Another Lanuage
  5. Bonzo Wastes 30 Seconds Of Your Life
  6. Mr. Krabs Is A Dancing Freak
  7. Something's Wrong
  8. Channing Dies On The Internet
  9. Hello Ladies
  10. Happy New Year London (Darker Version)

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