In the first move for S984 Toys, they decided to make a series based on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Unlike the PlayArts collectibles, the Peace Walker toys are meant to be played with, to such an extend that the toys are durable, yet detailed. There are three main toy sets: the Action Figure Line, the Cardboard Box Equipment line, and the Vehicle Line, which respectively contain action figures, weapons for the figures, and (scaled-down) variants of the mechs in-game, including AI Weapons and Metal Gear ZEKE itself.

Action Figure Line

The line of Peace Walker action figures is so large and industrious that Snake and the other MSF soldiers themselves have their own mini-lineup.

MSF Soldier Lineup

Jungle Fatigues

Jungle Fatigues are one of the two starting outfits in the game - and Snake has them in excess. The Jungle Fatigues outfit comes with a random assault rifle - usually it's an M16A1. They are available in regular, leaf, tiger-striped, chocolate chip, auscam, squares, splitter, snake, neo moss, stench, Tigrex, Rathalos, and Gear Rex. As well, they're also available in a variety of base colors (pink, black, navy blue, white, red, yellow, khaki, green, water, and Disruptive Pattern Material).


The Naked outfit shows Snake's bare chest - provided you get Snake, Otherwise, MSF soldiers wear a mini-shirt. Naked Snake/Naked Soldier comes with a random rocket launcher - oddly, it's usually the eponymous RPG-7. They are available in the same outfits as Jungle Fatigues - excluding Neo Moss, Stench, Tigrex, Rathalos, and Gear Rex. They are also available in the same base colors as Jungle Fatigues (DPM excluded).

Sneaking Suit

The Sneaking Suit is a prototype suit made for MSF soldiers which offers increased stealth. It includes a Ballistics Shield and a random handgun - usually it's a Mark 22 Mod 0 Hush Puppy, though.

Battle Dress

Battle Dress is a form of combat assault armor made to help MSF soldiers on offensive assaults. The Battle Dress figure includes a bulletproof helmet and a random machine gun - though, once again, usually it's an M60.


The Tuxedo is a fancy black tuxedo which includes no weapons.

The Enemy

Enemy soldiers also get their own line of figures. They sometimes don't come with weapons.

Russian Commando

Russian Soldier




Male P.O.W.

Female P.O.W.



Plot-Important Characters

As well, other characters who are important to the plot their their figures.

Amanda Valenciano Libre - The Sandanista commandante, who was taken to MSF by Fulton Recovery after she was dropped from a high height after Snake destroyed the Kidnapper drone that took her. After joining MSF, it is presumed she joined the Combat Unit. This was during the Peace Walker Incident.

Chico Libre - Amanda's sister, Chico's life was removed by Snake during the Peace Walker Incident. He was then transported via Fulton Recovery to MSF, where he was a valuable asset to the Intelligence Team.

Hot Coldman - A bald former CIA Director and leader of the rogue CIA unit the Peace Sentinels, who wanted to destroy MSF by testing Peace Walker's nuclear capabilities - by firing it at Mother Base. "Ramon Galvez Mena", aka Vladimir Zadornov, shot Coldman. Though he started the launch sequence, Snake was able to destroy Peace Walker.

Cecila Cosina Caminades - A French birdwatcher who was spotted and taken by the Peace Sentinels. She escaped, but at a price - with only her undergarments. She was eventually taken to MSF via Fulton Recovery, where she served on either the Mess Hall or Intelligence teams.

Huey Emmerich - Hal "Otacon" Emmerich's father, Huey's father (and Otacon's grandfather) worked on the Manhatten Project, resulting in Huey having useless legs and being forced to use an advanced wheelchair. He was the one who wrote and perfected the AI code (and possibly the designs) of Peace Walker and her AI Weapon sisters, and was eventually taken via Fulton Recovery to MSF, where he headed up the Research and Development team and began research and then construction of Metal Gear ZEKE.

Kazuhira Miller - Kaz Miller was a Cipher agent and second-in-command of Mother Base during the Peace Walker incident. He was the one who was there from the start to see the place go, and was either assigned to the Mess Hall or Intelligence teams.

Paz Ortega Andrade - The character of Paz, a 16-year old peace-loving schoolgirl, was in reality played by Pacifica Ocean, an agent of Cipher, who wanted to get Snake and MSF to join him. Though her stay at MSF softened her, it was ultimately Miller who caused Pacifica's death.

Ramon Galvez Mena - Professor Galvez was played by Vladimir Zadornov, a KGB agent with a robotic hand. Though he was the one who got Snake into the mess, he was eventually arrested, and escaped seven times. The seventh of which would cause Snake to shoot him (and use his robot hand as a cigarette lighter).

Dr. Strangelove - Dr. Strangelove was quite literally true to her name: she was obsessed with The Joy/The Boss, and actually did the main protocol of designing Peace Walker's AI code after her.

The Boss - The Boss, the single greatest soldier who ever lived, defected to the Soviet Union, which lead to Snake killing her - and later on viewing her in a flashback. Her AI was incorporated by Strangelove and Huey into Peace Walker - where, after taking a beating, she would walk underwater and sacrifice herself to prevent the world's destruction. The unique figure package includes The Boss, as well as a scale model of Peace Walker's AI Pod (complete with lights).

Cardboard Box Equipment

The Cardboard Box Equipment line included a large Love Box containing the weapons and/or equipment included in the package.

Handgun Box

The Handgun Box contains several handguns for use. The contents are as follows:
Three Mark 22 Mod 0 pistols - each carrying a different style of supressor
Life and Psyche Recovery EZ guns
PM Makarov
Two M1911A1s: one including a supressor
Mauser C96
Three M19s: one with a lengthened barrel, and one with an underbarrel laser sight
Two Kampfpistoles: one includes a stock
Support Supply and Strike Markers
One banana

Shotgun Box

The Shotgun Box contains several shotguns that can be used by the figures. The contents are as follows:
Two Twin Barrel Shotguns: one is sawn off
Four Ithaca M37s: one has a supressor, one has a longer barrel, and one is an accurized variant

Assault Rifle Box

Possibly the biggest yet, the Assault Rifle box includes LOTS of guns for the figures to heft around. The contents are as follows:
Six M16A1 assault rifles - three carry supressors, one carries an underbarrel shotgun and a laser, and one carries an underbarrel M203 grenade launcher and another laser
The Patriot assault pistol
Six M653 carbines - as with the M16s, three carry supressors, one carries an underbarrel shotgun and a laser, and one carries an underbarrel M203 grenade launcher and another laser
Two RK-47s - one carries a GP-25 grenade launcher
The twin ADM63 and ADM65 assault rifles
Two RPK-74s - one carries a drum magazine
Two FN FALs - one carries a laser sight
One SUG assault rifle
The Tanegashima musket

Submachine Gun Box

A moderate-sized box carrying several SMGs. The contents are as follows:
Three M10 submachine guns - one carries a supressor and another carries a barrel jacket
Skorpion Vz. 61
The MP5A2 and MP5SD2
Three M1928 Thompsons - one carries a foregrip, and another carries a grip and a drum magazine

Sniper Rifle Box

Yet another big box, this time containing snipers for the figures. The contents are as follows:
M1C Garand
Remington R700
Three Mosin-Nagants - one has a skeleton stock, and the other carries that and a supressor
SVD Dragunov
PTRD1941 and PTRS1941
Stealth Gun
The Railgun and a Railgun Dynamo

Machine Gun Box

The Machine Gun Box contains a lot of LMGs for the soldiers to use. The contents are as follows:
Two M60s: one has a shortened barrel
One Stoner M63A1
Two PKM Kords: one carries a drum magazine
M134 Gatling Gun
Two EMW Wave Guns

Rocket Launcher Box

The Rocket Launcher Box contains several purveyors of explosive destruction - all MSF figure size. The contents are as follows:
FIM-43 Redeye
XFIM-92A "Stinger"
M2 Carl Gustav
M47 Dragon
Two Human Slingshot posts and a Human Slingshot Band

Throwing Weapons Box

The Throwing Weapons Box contains several throwable weapons. The contents are as follows:
One empty M16A1 magazine
Three frag grenades
Three stun grenades
Three smoke grenades
Three chaff grenades
Three Support Supply and Support Strike Markers
Four Electromagnetic Net posts
Three Sleep Gas Grenades

Placeable Weapons Box

The Placeable Weapons Box contains several items that, in real life, would have to be placed to have any effect. The contents are as follows:
Three C4 charges
Three Claymore mines
One (small) copy of MGS Magazine, Solid Magazine, Liquid Magazine, Solidus Magazine, Super Magazine, and Cookbook each
Three AT mines
One decoy
Three Aerial Mines
Three Fulton Sleep Gas Mines
One Support Supply and Support Strike Marker each

Vehicle Line

The Vehicle Line was a line of scaled up (to match figures) and scaled down vehicles from Peace Walker. All of them were bosses.
LAV-Type G
LAV-Type C
KPz 70
AH-56A Bomber
AH-56A Raider

The AI Weapons

The AI Weapons is a line of vehicles based on the Vehicle Line. It includes the five main AI weapons seen in-game: Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon, Peace Walker, and ZEKE. They are scaled down from the main line: scaled up, they would be too large.

GW-Pupa-5000 - The first AI weapon encountered, prorotype for the GW AI (based off of President George Washington), and classed as an Amphibious AI Attack Craft. The Pupa was based off of the Shagohod. For armaments, it carried a lightning weapon, six computer-controlled machineguns, and several mine-like objects to channel electric attacks. Pupa was encountered by Snake at Crater Base, where Snake destroyed it and ripped out the AI Pod's memory boards. The boosters from Pupa were amalgamated into a jetpack for ZEKE. Each of the gun turrets is manipulatable. As well, the AI Pod will say things if you press the button on top. The AI Pod is detachable from Pupa's head, and Pupa's head is detachable as well, where it can be placed on ZEKE.

TJ-Chrysalis-6000 - The second AI weapon encountered, prototype for the TJ AI (based off of President Thomas Jefferson), and classed as a VTOL AI Attack Craft. The Chrysalis was, in effect, a giant unmanned aerial combat vehicle, or UCAV, armed with a railgun, four chainguns, and a missile launcher. The Chrysalis was used by the Peace Sentinels for heavy lifting, and was an active threat to Costa Rica until Snake encountered, destroyed, and salvaged memory boards from Chrysalis just outside the AI Facility. The railgun and radome were amalgamated into ZEKE. Chrysalis can be reformed into its attack or normal modes. As with Pupa, the AI Pod can say things if the button on top is pressed, and it can be detached along with the "head" of Chrysalis (which can then be attached to ZEKE).

TR-Cocoon-7000 - The third AI weapon encountered, prototype for the TR AI (based off of President Theodore Roosevelt), and classed as an Elite AI Attack Craft. Cocoon was, in essence, a huge AI tank. Fitted with several machinegun turrets, an extremely large "main gun" dwarfing artillery cannons, and hedgehog anti-submarine cluster bombs. The Cocoon was assigned to defend the entrance of the underground facility from the MSF, and shortly after Snake managed to kill 12 sniper units guarding the entrance, he was faced off with Cocoon. After a long and gruesome battle, he managed to destroy Cocoon, salvaging the memory boards. Armor from Cocoon was eventually given to ZEKE. The Cocoon's larger turrets are movable. As well, the gun-turret-on-an-arm is movable, plus the main cannon. Cocoon's AI Pod can say things if the button is pressed, and can detached from the main model along with the head to be fitted to ZEKE.

AL-Aurealia-8000 - The fourth and final AI weapon encountered, prototype for the AL AI (based off of President Abraham Lincoln), and none other than Peace Walker herself. The mech carried an ICBM launcher, a flamethrower, the same "hedgehog" system that Cocoon used, and cluster missiles - plus a hydrogen bomb for self-destruct. Peace Walker was made to be a nuclear-capable walking tank - one which would complete the faulty circle in MAD and prevent nuclear war. However, due to it targeting MSF, Snake was eventually forced to destroy it. The salvage was used to complete Peace Walker. Peace Walker features all of the features of the past figures, as well as the ability for the legs and H-bomb to come off.

Peace Walker Quadrupedal - This variant of Peace Walker is quadrupedal. The H-Bomb can still detach.

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